dimanche, novembre 29, 2009

early sunday morning

I just went up, fired the oven and took Gribi out of his night-room, to give him his morning-medics. He is pretty calm, took his pills and juices and powders without struggeling and is now on the sofa, quiet and relaxing. What will the day bring? Will he be better?

Today, First advent, is for most of you the start in the Yule time, the day to start to decorate the house for the season. As I mentionned in previous posts, I am a bit behind you, because for me, First advent will only start at December 2, day of Rhiannon, the day of "JFK and me" (sort of a spiritual wedding-day). A day that will truly close the Passionszeit,  cleaninng the energies for Advent. I just can't wait for it and reading on all your blogs how you start into advent NOW, with your photos of wonderful deco makes me a bit impatient. But I WILL wait. ;-) - So all your efforts to weaken my will, is in vain ;-))

I just hope Gribi will be well, so that Rhianon day will not be tainted  - or even dropped if it comes real bad.
This sunday is also a special day for the Swiss people who will have to decide in a referendum on two hot topics: For one, a group asked that Minarets - these towers that are part of mosques should be prohibited. Read about it here.
There have been a lot off discussions in the Swiss Blogger Community about that subject.

Second proposal in that Referendum is whether or not Switzerland should stop to sell any kind of weapons to other countries. Well, this would make an end to the old tradition that swiss neutrality was first of all, selling canons to both sides...

The Results will be interesting. For those of you who understand German, here you can get the news updated. For French speakers: http://www.tsr.ch/tsr/index.html?siteSect=500000&program=25#program=25;tab=loadprogram;vid=11550951

I wish you a fine sunday.

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