vendredi, novembre 20, 2009

Fifth day in the countdown for November 22.

Friday: Legs of John F. Kennedy.

I really don't know what to tell you about JFK's legs, except : Look at the photo to the right. This is why I don't add a drawing today, because I am simply not able to draw *these* legs in an accurate way. I tried, but failed. Poor talentless me.

It's funny hearing men praising "long legs" on women, because long legs are more typically a male attribute. Men have long legs, not women. As I said - just look at the photo.
My mom don't really like that picture. As a  veteran of the Woman' right Combat, she thinks that the whole pose is pretty macho: Him sitting on a far better chair and Jacqueline sitting behind and beyond him. I usually answer that she has the best place one could have in this universe, because her hand is right at his ass. Hey! Whaddaya expect more?
Jacqueline actually was a modern woman, more than any First Lady before her - but she also knew what her people expected from her function. I  think that the submissive pose is less due to the fact that he was the man, but more to the one that he was the president.
JFK himself was very open but he also took a lot of care to keep a permanent distance between him and the rest of the world. When becoming president, he insisted that even his closest friends had to call him "Mr. President". This is one of his typical dualities: One side of him was fellow-like, with baths in the masses, allowing petting and hand-shaking. The other side was more distant and dignified than most other presidents, admitting no one to be on the same level as himself.
Back to the legs...I really do not know what to tell more about them. Except that they are breathtaking. A pain in the ass to draw, an eternal challenge, source of joy and despair.

Tomorrow: JFK's feet.

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