jeudi, novembre 19, 2009

Front and rear

Fourth day in the countdown for November 22.

Tuesday: Waist and beyond of John F. Kennedy

We come to the body part that is mostly of special interest. For any artist with any muse ;-)  This entry will be difficult to keep decent.
Going down to JFK's Waistline, we can merely guess what's beyond his clothes. I have some photos showing hin im wet bathing shorts glued tightly to his body, revealing the shape of his behind. His cheeks certainly were well-built, neither too flat, neither too big, just right. Or in more simple words: He had a nice ass!
The front part is harder to guess. There are some obscure witnessing from people who claim to have slept with him. The description of his parts vary widely and seem to depend on wether or not the person left JFK in good terms.
The level of truth of these reports must be considered with a lot of care. As a biographer once said: "If all these stories are true, JFK spent more time having sex than he had days in his life."
What we do know is that he was circumcised at the age of 21. He obviously hated it and called the Mayo Clinic, where it was done, the "dirtiest hole on earth".

Still looking at the wet-shorts photos, especially when looking at them long enough, it suddenly seems possible to sort the folds into what's just fold and what's... well, you know. Maybe it's just my imagination. However. According to the impression received this way, I have reasons to assume that his intimate parts were as well proportionated as the rest of the body.
I drew him naked a lot of time in my stories. Even full frontal.  All while I have become more and more skeptic about the depiction of violence, I still believe that the rendering of natural nudity is nothing wrong or bad.

Tomorrow: JFK's legs

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