samedi, novembre 28, 2009

Gribi again

Gribi is not well. We had to go to the Veterinarian with him yesterday late. Because he was constantly meowing and complaining.
The Diagnosis was again heavy nausea and a further decline of his cognitive capacities, meaning that he meows because of disorientation and fears due to mental disorder. She gave us a medic against the nausea and said we should stop the Furozenol, which is a heart medecine that is not good for kidneys and will cause nausea. Gribis greatest prolem is, that he has two diseases: Heart AND Kidney insufficiency. A medic against one issue unfortunately affects the other in a negative way. Only the Fortekor Medic is designed to help both organs. So Gribi is now only on Fortekor.

His nausea is better, but he starts to breath a bit heavy, which is of course due to his weak heart and the lack of Furozenol. Also is his serious disorientation still there. This may be caused by the lack of sleep he had because he suffered too much from nausea. It also may be an irreversible further decay of brain tissue.

It is heartbreaking to see him awakening every 3 minutes and loudly meow because he is "lost". Its a bit better when I sit next to him. It always was, but since yeserday it doesn't help as it used, he cries if I am there or not.
It is so difficult to let him "alone" (meaning: him on the sofa when I am at the computer 2 meters away) that I can't get any work done.  If he doesn't find back to a better state, I have to take a decision.

Nobody can imagine how horrible and difficult this is for me.

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Magaly Guerrero a dit…

Oh sweet baby, I know. The Boyfriend and I just went through something very difficult. His 11-year-old Akita was getting so old that he was becoming a bit senile. Things got so bad after a while that he could no longer tell when he needed to go to the bathroom, so you know what happened.

There were many other physical changes that make him uneasy, but the psychological damage was worst. Akitas are a very proud breed. So, Hudson, that's his name, he used to get extremely sad when he had an accident. Soon the accidents became the norm and Hudson was very sad because of it.

The last days were the most difficult one. There is nothing sadder than to lose your furry friend even before they are gone.

I'm sorry you are going trough this, I sure hope Gribi gets better.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Thank you so much for your compassion, Magaly. You did go trough this with Hudson, so you can understand.

The hardest are these ups and downs. Will he recover once again or are he final days now definitely here? And its all the feelings I struggle with. I give Gribi intensive care since two years now, with all the expensive medics we can barely afford, with all those ups and downs, Crisis every 2 months and calm and good days in between. And I am now so exhaust and tired and at the very end of my strenght that sometimes I almost wish this WOULD be the end, and then, I hate myself for these thoughts.

He had a short sleep, so I took the opportunity to go to the computer, read your comment and answered. But my typing probably awakened him, so he restarted to meow. You see what I mean?

Magaly Guerrero a dit…

I know exactly what you mean, we went through the same. One day he was his old self and the next he wasn't and he looked ashamed. It is difficult, but all you can do is love her as much as you can, for as long as long as you are allowed.