vendredi, novembre 13, 2009

Month of the Raven

In the middle of November, in the middle of the Passionszeit of mine. November 22 is aproaching and my dreams become deeper and more spiritual, tough not always enjoyable. Yestedays night I dreamt I was thrown in a deep cavern hole where big wolves with human faces waited there to tear me in pieces.

In another night I dreamt of a bunch of ravens that were in my garden. I catched one and wanted to kill it, but then I realized that they are somehow my friends. I apologized and let the raven free.

The raven stands for November, the Passionszeit, death.
The Raven is actually one of my totems, even tough it is the one I have the most complicated relationship with. His strenght probably enables me being in touch with the otherworld. So like in my dream, I should learn to see the raven as a friend, even tough he also stands for my fears and for the darkness.

Oddly enough, I have a raven issue in my actual Scene of la Bête des Vosges: In this scene, a raven is supposed to fly trough the dark forest, but for some odd reason, the animation showing that raven won't render when the whole movie is exported. All the other objects do fine. There is no obvious reason for this bug. I am in touch with Anime Studio's Support, they did not find the cause yet.

The scene in question is Scene 22...Go figure.
I probably should not wonder that on this scene, made in this month I have a raven issue...

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Sefarina a dit…

Irgendwann musst du mir mal erklären was es mit dir und JFK auf sich hat ;-)

Liebe Grüße, Sefa

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Ja, aber am besten per mail.