vendredi, novembre 27, 2009

My future new home

As I mentionned recently, The noise problemes are more and more hard to bear for me. Even tough they don't occur all the time of course, when they do, it's hell and I can catch up less and less with the stress caused.
I think that my decreasing tolerance is also partly due to my life circumstances. I don't have an own room. I Iive in the living room which has to be living room, office, working area, sleping room and dining room all in one - for me and my mom. But she, at least, has an own room upstairs where she can sleep and has her own space. I don't have an own space. Ok, the living room is pretty much decorated and organised according to my taste and needs, still, its not the same. There's no place for me to retire myself.
In past time, my living-rhythm  which included a nocturnal life during severald days each month, partially equalized this:  The night was mine. No noise, no calls and no disturbing. These nights provided me the necessary time of retirement and I could sleep the noisy day away.
Early this year, I gave up the nerdy lifestyle, finding a new, stable rhythm. I get up at 8:00 and go to sleep at 22:00 The time between is planned up to the minute. It has a lot of advantages, I am more productive. But I feel how the continuous stress begins to attack my deepest inner nerves, because I now don't have any own space anymore. The only thing left are my cycling tours, then I am free, all for my own. But it isn't enough.

This is why the need of an own room has become real urgent. Our house has more space than we actually can live on. It needs to be fixed. Upstairs, above the room of my mom's room, there is an attic, where I plan to install MY room. (See photos)
It needs a new floor, for the old one is rotten. It needs a window to be cut into the wall. It needs the walls isolated and covered. A lot of work - a lot of money will be needed. Still, I am determined to achieve all this during 2010. I really hope I can.

From now on, I will post about the progress here.

Very first step is cleaning the room. Since 11 years now, some of the furniture, books and a lot more out of my past dwells there, covered with dust and mostly destroyed by mice. Time to get that all out of the house, sorting into what I can keep, what may go on Ebay and what may go to waste. Will continue the wok tomorrow.

3 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Oh wow, da hast du dir ja was vorgenommen. Ich wünsche dir viel Glück dabei, ein eigenes Zimmer ist was Herrliches :-)

Liebe Grüße

Magaly Guerrero a dit…

You know what? I'm always complaining about having to share a 2 bedroom apartment with my dad and brother. I guess I need to be thankful for my blessings, for I least I have a door to close when I need privacy.

I wish you the best of luck and may your project be completed soon!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Magaly! Oh, a 2 Bedrom for 3 persons is't very much, indeed. :-/ I hope you have a corner in this appartment all fopr your own. And yes, having a door to close may be the key.

@ Sefarina: Ja, danke, ich kann alles Daumendrücken der Welt gebrauchen, das Unterfangen ist ja nicht gerade klein, aber es muss einfach klappen!