dimanche, novembre 15, 2009

Noise Terrorism

I am currently re-working the first Scenes of the Film. I wasn't really happy with them and I wanted to give the music more time to create an introducing atmosphere.  I hope that the aditional footage will do the job for that.
Unfortunately, the bug with the objects that doesn't render is still unsolved. It also happened on another file, now. It is not dramatic, I can bypass the issue, but it's annoying nevertheless. Anime Studio's Support isn't of any help, so far. All they can do is keeping me occupied by asking me all sort of information about my system and computer. Well, if it was a hardware or system issue, I wouldn't have been able to do any working scene at all, I guess.

What annoys me most these days is that the noisy neighbors down the street came back a few weeks ago. After four months of calm, I have to endure their fucking motorcycles daily now. Not only on weekend. They probably have lost their job,  therefore they have the time to turn around on their shit on wheels all day long, and even in the night. The noise is absolutely horrible.  It is not possible to have any rest, let alone concentrate myself on my work. I have pretty much gotten sick of that noise, since I am starting to have insomnia. I am under a constant stress, guessing wether or not they will pass again and the slightest sound that ressembles a motor makes me panic.

I don't think this is normal. As much as I love this place and village, if I were here on rent, I'd seriously consider moving away. But the house is mine and the chance to sell it is close to zero. A lot of houses - all bigger and more comfortable than mine are here on sale -  for years now. Nobody wants to move in such a remote village.
Noise is a hot topic in France. People start to defend themselves against noise-pollution more and more. Law has gotten better, but is not practiced in a sufficient way.  A year ago, a man who cracked under the stress of suffering the noise done by a couple of  idiots turning around with Quads under his window, took his rifle and blew one of them away. Of course, media felt sorry for the Quad driver and few asked if the drama could have been prevented if somebody dared to stop the noise-terrorism in time.
I may sound like a horrible person, but i do NOT feel sorry for the dead driver, not in the slightest way. I feel sorry for the shooter who is jailed for being a victim whose calls for help nobody took the time to care for.
When criticizing  reckless motorcycle-drivers, one often hears  arguments like "Oh, these are young people, have some sympathy, because they are poor, have no job and therefore their motorcycle is their only joy".
First of all, most of these dudes aren't exactly "young". For example, the Quad driver who was shot was 31. The Jackass who terrorizes my street since  years now is at the end of his twenties, too. I DO expect from a man of this age a slight bit of responsibility and having other interests than turning around on a bike all day long. Otherwise, it's not because he's young, it's because he's a stupid, selfish and hollow idiot!!
As for being poor, I am not rich, too. I could't even afford a motorcycle. And it wouldn't come to my mind to spread out shit to the whole neighborhood just for being short in money. What a stupid argument is that.

As a result, I am pretty stressed and don't know where this stress will lead me.

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Donald a dit…

^^ Hab dasselbe Problem, nur sind es bei mir Traktoren und hart arbeitende Bauern. Aber wenn man die Nacht lang kein auge zumachen kann, weil sie ihr Flutlicht aufgestellt haben und ihren Mist hin und her schieben und dann damit an unserem Haus vorbeifahren, damit sie die Felder bestellen können (und zwei Nächte durcharbeiten), dann wünscht man sich echt manchmal ein Gewehr. Naja, meistens ist es dann wenigsten um zwei Uhr morgens (wenn ich dann müde ins Bett falle) ruhig.

Ich frag mich auch, wie man sich als Arbeitsloser immer so viele Sachen leisten kann. Ich hatte heute ein Luxusmittagessen (hab 3 Euro bei McDonalds ausgegeben... ich fühl mich irgendwie als Schwender, weil ich weiss, dass mir die 3 Euro diese Woche wo anders Fehlen werden...)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Normalerweise stören mich Traktoren weniger, eben weil es halt Arbeitseinsätze sind und nicht mutwilliger / unnötiger Lärm. Aber so wie bei Dir ist das dann doch zu heftig es gibt ja auch sowas wie Nachtruhe die es einzuhalten gilt, viel Arbeit hin oder her.

Yep, ich muss auch jeden Cent drei mal umdrehen und hätte schon die Kohle nicht, die das Benzin braucht um den ganzen Tag sinnlos ums Viertel zu gurken. Mc Donald ginge bei mir daher auch aus finanziellen Gründen kaum, von den Diätgründen abgesehen.

Geier a dit…

Naja, Trekker sind ja auch nicht das ganze Jahr über Nachts unterwegs und während der Ernte hab ich Verständnis dafür.
Anders die Typen die stundenlang auf der Straße rumkrakelen und Autos mit aufgedrehter Stereoanlage die nonstop um den Block fahren.
Da bin ich fast froh keine Waffe zu haben - sonst hätte ich wahrscheinlich auch schon abgedrückt...