mardi, novembre 03, 2009

Random Rant

Why the fuck...

*  Is it that in France, on every Supermarket ticket, receipt and bank statement you can still find the Price in French Francs under the actual Euro-Price?
Who cares for the damn French Franc Price! It's been10 years now since the Euro was introduced. If you still didn't get used to it, you probably won't in the future.  I know that it is apparently  difficult for some people to get a new currency into their daily thinking-work: Until the end of the Franc, some people still counted in Ancien Franc (!) -   with the absurd assumption that the rest of the world does the same, regardless of the fact that their interlocutor wasn't even born when the Ancien Franc was dropped in 1958.
These Retards probably still think in terms of Ancien Franc now, therefore the crackbrained mention of two prices on every  price label  is in vain anyway.

* Is it impossible to get ONE of all those young, unemployed men in my area who "beg for a job" climbing on my roof an d replace a couple of ceilings for a pay.

*  Is our local post-office closed at least three times a month for "exceptional reasons". They should make a new sign that reads "exceptionally open" for the rare days  that they are actually really open.

Who the fuck...

* Invented these annoying "leaf blowing machines" that do nothing else than just swirl up the dry leaves on the street all while making a satanic noise. Keeping some idiots occupied who are be too dumb for any other job?

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Petitalan a dit…

Moi aussi, les machines soufflantes ... me gonflent énormément. Et pour ce qui concerne l'hygiène publique dont Bachelot nous bassine tant, bonjour et bonsoir.
Bien à toi.