samedi, novembre 21, 2009

Sixth day in the countdown for November 22

Saturday: Feet of John F. Kennedy.

Last day in our week entirely dedicated to JFK's Body and the thoughts all around the subject.
Again, I will present a photo instead of a drawing, because I am as bad in drawing his feet than I am with his legs. The photo shows JFK in a situation he probably enjoyed the most; all wet from bathing in the sea, his toes in the sand. He was not always this relaxed: His back problems and the fact that one of his legs was 2 centimeters longer than the other made a continous pressure on his feet during the years, slowly deforming them and make it harder to find good shoes. He wore special orthopedic shoes: cardigans, made of solid horse-leather.

As I said, drawing feet is not where I'm at best. Its okay when I can draw them with shoes an, but my naked feet mostly look clumsy and stiff. I should do more practicing.

And here we are at the end of this week. Tomorrow is November 22.

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