mercredi, novembre 25, 2009

Thanksgiving's Eve

Early this year, my mom expressed the wish that we should celebrate Thanksgiving. Now are we neither Americans, nor do we live in America, but since she was ready to commemorate all the "odd" holidays *I* actually added to our family tradition, it was nothing but fair to follow her ideas as well.

Thanksgiving is three things; Turkey, Pumpkin and cranberry sauce.

The easiest to get was the pumpkin, we already have a big one last from this seasons garden harvest. I like the idea of doing away with it on this occasion, because I don't feel like carrying that monster into the Advent time. Pumpkins are for autumn.
As for the Cranberry sauce, it was harder. Our two Cranberry plants are just planted and certainly will not yield any fruit this year.  Searching for finished Cranberry sauce was difficult. I tried a lot of specialty suppliers, Traiteurs and importeurs of foreign and exotic stuff, but no one had Cranberry sauce. One even said the me "if you want to eat american dishes why don't you just go to the next McDonald?". Okay, so american Cuisine isn't exactly at the fashion here.

I ended up finding what I looked for at Ebay. A glass with Cranberry Sauce finally was shipped to us - from the United Kingdom.

As for the Turkey, we ordered one at our local butchery who promised to have it ready for today. This morning tough, it wasn't. The butcher apologized and promised to bring it to our house this afternoon. He did came and now we have a magnificent 3kilo Turkey ready for the oven. We embalmed it with mustard and put it on the fridge.

We will see, if tomorrow I can put together some good Thanksgiving menue.

4 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Thanksgiving feiern? Was für eine reizende Idee!
(Lass das nur nicht meine Familie hören. Noch ein Tag an dem man von morgens bis abends rumsitzen und sich mit ungesunden Sachen vollstopfen kann, bis der Arzt kommt ;-)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Hehe, ja um diese Jahreszeit werden die Feste inflationär. :-D

Magaly Guerrero a dit…

I do hope you had enough time to season, dress and cook your turkey. I understand carrying our parents' traditions. They are our first teachers, aren't they? Even the traditions of our countries when we live away. For instance, I celebrate Dominican Independence Day on February 27th. It is my luck that New York is full of Dominicans, so I'm not alone. Oh, when it comes to food, there are entire places dedicated to Dominican Cuisine around my house.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Magaly, Yes, the turkey was all well done and a fiest!
I think it is good to keep up with family traditions even when living outside of the country of origin. If there are a lot of Dominicans in NY, its even easier to keep tied to the roots.