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Third day in the countdown for November 22.

Wednesday: John F. Kennedy's Chest

After his hair and his face, we are inevitably go down to the parts of the body that are usually covered with clothing most of the time. Still we have Photos of JFK in bathing shorts or just bare chest, so we know how he looked there.
JFK's chest was as well proportionated as the rest of his body. He lived in a time when a man wasn't asked to go to the gym in order to get over-muscled and therefore being seen as "handsome", "healthy" or whatever. His son, JFK jr. had a lot more the kind of "beach"-body later, typically required in the eighties and nineties for menfolk. So there is a nice comparison between the generations. Useless to say that I prefer the older one. To my feeling, steely arm-muscles, where the veins look trough the skin like kind of worms, are all but sexy.

Of course, JFK had chest-hair, a thing that is more and more seen as unsuitable or even gross, today. One can often read that chest hair and pubal hair were "at the fashion in the sixties". This is nonsense. People back then just were as they were, and simply nobody thought of doing some shaving on these body areas.  Therefore you can't hardly speak of a fashion, since a fashion would reqire some active practice. Today's practice of full-body shaving actually IS the fashion. A fashion that probably would have alienated the people in the sixties, including JFK.
I am not really into too much chest-hair, but JFK's is just fine, since it is limited on a pretty triangle, leaving the rest of the chest clean. Nice and easy to draw. Because drawing body hair is always a bit tricky. In most of the time, it lets the figure look "dirty". This is due to the fact that in proportion, the hair would be much thinner than the finest pencil line.
JFK's arms were not too, but pretty long and his hands rather big. His fingers were bony and definitely not frail. Only the size of the hand prevented them to look gross like the paws of a lumber-jack.

Tomorrow: JFK's Waist, Hips and butt.  (I know you ALL gonna read this one ;-) )

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