mardi, décembre 01, 2009

Back to normal

Gribi is better. The fact we stopped the Furozenol Medic helped him in the way that obviously, he hasn't nausea anymore. Of course, his heart misses that medics, sometimes he has a few minutes of hard-breathing, but I think that he suffers a lot less from this than from eternal nausea.
His disorientation is better, too. He meows when he awakens from deep sleep, because he doesn't recognize where he is in the first moment.
And he protests loudly when I leave the sofa to go working on the computer or elsewhere. But there, I can't put him to sleep just for being a little tyrant ;-)

I went on my regular visit at the doctor, too. He is satisfied with my blood pressure, but wasn' happy about me having lost another 8 kilos since the last time I was in his cabinet and on his scale. Funny, how I get less and less positive response for getting thinner. Some time ago, everybody admired me, now everybody thinks I became anorexic.
Well, I'm not. If it were for my upper body and legs, I'd stop dieting, because I'm merely skin and bones there, but I still have a "pillow" to get rid of at my belly and butt.
Being not so heavy can have advantages: It's less risky to work on my future room. The wooden floor there is so fucking rotten that some years ago, I broke right trough it, badly injuring my leg. That was when I weighed more than the double I do now. I didn't dare to go to that attic since then, not until my weight-loss. But even now, I feel the wood giving up under me at some places. I don't know how the worker we will hire for replacing the floor will do it, he's heavier than me. Hope he won't break his neck.
Tomorrow is Rhiannon - I'm so looking forward for it.

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Geier a dit…

Bin ich blöde oder sind die Kommentare plötzlich weg?

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Welche speziell meinst Du? Ich sehe alle, deren Existenz mir bewusst war.

Geier a dit…

Sorry, da hab ich was verwechselt - im Alter spielt einem das Gedächtnis manchmal böse Streiche...