mercredi, décembre 30, 2009

Fans of JFK

It is always nice for me to know other people who are into JFK.  This month, I was contacted by Senpai, an 13 year old Girl who likes to draw and read Mangas and who is really in Love with JFK.

She made a comic about her Passion and about how it feels when you fall for a historical President all while most of your friends and Class-mates are more likely to be the fans of contemporary Singers, Bands and Actors. She also described what happens when you  google for "Kennedy", in the hope of finding something useful or exciting, but get lost in an ocean of assassination-conspiracy-theories Crap and "JFK had Sex with < place any name that comes into your mind here >" Reports.

I recognized my own feelings more than once when reading her work.
The Problem with articles / Sites / Books  about JFK is, that there are WAY too much of them. And a whole lot of it is just freaking, weird nonsense. Unfortunately,  you often got this stuff as a gift from well meaning friends.
This is why I take the opportunity to publicly state: Please don't offer me JFK Books. Yes, there are some standard-works and must-reads and I do have them. If a new work worth reading gets published, I will know it and buy it myself. Offer me JFK Photos, drawings, dolls, figures, tapestries - stuff like this will be always appreciated. But I really do not need the opinion of another obscure researcher about who in his eyes, killed JFK, who slept with him and why this was the reason for the 9/11 attacks. (and yes, I DO own "profiles in courage")

Back to Senpai.  It is really nice to see that JFK still keeps on appealing to  people, even 47 years after his death. I love Senpais creative way to express herself and her feelings. A funny detail is, that she lives not far away from me. So we surely can meet in Real Life some day. Looks like the density of JFK-Lovers in the Vosgian Mountains is over proportionally high. Must be the air.

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Sefarina a dit…

Das ist ja wirklich ein lustiger Zufall. Ich kann mir richtig vorstellen, wie ihr stundenlang in einem Cafe miteinander redet und dabei zeichnet.
Gibt (fast) nix besseres unter Kreativen ;-)

Gina a dit…

Wow, I can relate to this story, Diana. As a youngster, none of my friends were into JFK as I was. But, I lucked out because my favorite teacher was and she lent me all her books and magazines and even gave me Kennedy books as presents! After reading all the books in the children’s and then adult sections of the local library, I’d buy as many Kennedy books I could afford. In the 1970’s the books and coverage went from immortalizing and idealizing JFK to trashing him or talking about his gory death. What is scary now is that Google searches brings up exactly what you describe, and if you are not careful, autopsy photos…I have never been able to handle those. That’s why I stayed away pretty much from assassination books and only knew a few theories. But this fall, I read the most important book ever—“JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters” by James Douglass. Have you read it? It’s very, very good. And, finally, it makes sense of why our hero died, who conspired, and the true Kennedy Legacy—he saved the world…really! With Khrushchev, they stepped back from the edge of blowing up the planet. I’ve been upset since I read it. But, it has a spiritual element that cannot be denied. And, your blog has helped me—thank you so much!

Gina a dit…

I’ve been meaning to tell you the English link to “Gates of Camelot” is broken. The French and German ones work, however.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Gina, yes there was this odd phenomenon that JFK was first idealized, then demonized. I think that we just start to have a more balanced view on him.
As for his death and the mystery behind it, there are a lot of possible answers, on a historical as well as on a spiritual level. On the historical one, I'd say that the case is still open. On the spiritual one, I accept that from a metaphysical view, it was a kind of sacrifice, necessary to make him "a king". And we have to bear the pain as sort of sacrifice too, in order take part of the Good that comes from JFK.
Perhaps this sounds a bit weird to some. It's just my own feeling, of course. Everyone must make her/his own peace with the facts.

@Sefarina: Ja, Zusammen kreativ zu sein ist schon mit das Beste, was es gibt.