samedi, décembre 12, 2009

Further Memories

This morning I was again up in the attic / my future Room to clean it. And again, I found a couple of items that triggered a lot of memories. This time its a set of Photos I took almost 16 years ago of our cats. 
We lived on a farm in Germany then. The farm was alone in the forest and the next neighbor was a big estate one kilometer away. 

This Picture was taken in April 1994. It shows the stairs leading to the porch of the house. Above is the 11 months old Gribi, cleaning the head of his sister Pitschi. Since his early kittenhood, Gribi had the habit to clean the other cats. 

Gribi, on the same day.

In front of the house, the forest began. The cats went into it every morning. The big white cat is Oddy (Johnny Oddeye). I had him until the year 2000, when he died at the age of 16. Oddy was the best feline friend I ever had. It took me years to get over not having him anymore and I still miss him today.
To the left of Oddy is Pitschi and to the left of Pitschi is Lea, another sister of Gribi. We lost Lea here in France. One day she didn't come home again.
The cat in the background is Zazou. He died in 2005.

Oddy at the door and Pitschi on the stairs. 
It is so strange to look at these old photos with pets who have passed away long time ago, in a home we don't have anymore. In fact, Gribi is the last being, (except my mom and my Horse Hondo) who still share the memory of our German farm in the wild.

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