dimanche, décembre 20, 2009


It's funny, in what kind of weird things some people believe. I'm not talking about Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny, for these beings have their own truth and do exist, at least, in some way.

I'm talking about the totally braincracked faith some people apparently had into the climate summit in Copenhague. Come 'on. Did you really think one single second that the result would be more than the usual "yes, climate change is no good, we should do something and will do something when we have some time and money to spend and of course, when the others did something first. So lets talking about the whole thing later." If so, you are a fool, sorry.
And as long as countries like China with the world's best growing economy can shamelessly claim the developping-country bonus for themselves and when, in response to that, USA and Europe prefer to wait too, then nothing will ever change.

The Frost Patterns that covered the windows of our house this morning seem to contradict the theory of global warming. I know a lot of people who suddenly stop to take the threat seriously when they encounter a little snow under their feet. A look into the stats of storms and cyclones of the past ten years comparing to the rest of the 20 century, seems not as convincing as freezing a couple of days during winter. Face it: Most of us just look at what happens in the reach of their individual perception. It's not different for World Leaders.

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caroona a dit…

Actually, it was exactly what I expected. Still pissed me off mightily, though. Just this once it would have been nice to have been wrong.

Meine Welt a dit…

It was predictable that they come to no result, and nothing will change. I expected nothing else. But the question is: can we change anything? I do not believe it

Meine Welt a dit…

Liebe Diana.
Ich wünsche dir eine schöne Zeit und alles Gute fürs Neue Jahr