jeudi, décembre 03, 2009


Cleaning the attic digs out a lot of memories. Some items dwell there after having been moved from the previous attic, where they went after years of rotting in the pre-previous attic... and so on. Most of these goods are stuffed in boxes and I forgot a long time ago what exactly they contain. Now I am forced to have a closer look on each object in order to dospose of them in a more definitive way. Inevitably, memories emerge, some of them more welcome than others. From the bad memories, embarrassing ones are the most hard to bear. The above picture shows one.

Its out of a hand made comic album I made back in 1980. Well, look at THAT crap!
I was 15 and convinced that I could draw. Unfortunately, everyone supported me in that idea, instead of advising me to take art-lessons. Otherwise, I probably would have made progresses far quicker than I did.
The Content of these obscure Comics is interesting tough, as they show what concerned me in that time. The stories are about a prussian cavalry soldier and a weird inventor who lives in a trash-bin. Their adventures relate a lot to the present I lived in and reflect the fear of a nuclear WW3 we all had back then. Pretty odd stuff.

4 commentaires:

Magaly Guerrero a dit…

It does not look like "CRAP"! And I'm not trying to make you feel good about it. Plus, once you put the drawing together with what your 15-year-old mind was thinking at the time, one has to say WOW! That's an insightful kid.

Mauser*Girl a dit…

I don't think it looks like crap. I do think, however, that the horse in the far right frame looks like one of the horses in Asterix. ;)

Sefarina a dit…

Und das ist der Grund, warum ich einen Großteil meiner alten Bilder schon vor langem dem Feuer übergeben habe...
Jetzt wühle ich gerne in alten Sachen, weil ich mich nicht mehr erschrecke *g*

Aber mal im Ernst, so schlimm ist es doch gar nicht (du hättest mal meine Bilder sehen sollen).

Lieben Gruß

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Magaly - Oh, I wasn't that insightful. Just an angsty teen.

@ Mauser*Girl: Guilty! Yes, I was perfectly influenced by Asterix Horses ;-)

@Sefarina: So gelasen möchte ich auch mal sein, dass ich mich nicht mehr ob meiner alten sachen erschrecke.