vendredi, décembre 25, 2009

The Millenium Decade

We are going into the "week between the years" - one of my favorite times, it has something special, hard to describe.
These days, we are not only closing a year, but an entire decade. The first in the new century! Therefore, the usual summary and back-looking will be extended to the whole decade.

2000-2009 Personal Review

Best things that happened this decade:
* Got a Water Closet. (2005)
* JFK entered into my Life (definitely the very best) (2000)
* Got into a help program for starving single entrepreneurs and artists (2008)
* Got some well paid Jobs at publishers.
* Got the Cats Millie, Georgie (2000)  and Pico (2008)
* Had the Living room fixed (2006)
* Getting involved with Spreadshirt-Designs (2007)

Worst things that happened this decade;

* Death of Johnny Oddeye (2000)
* Minor Stroke, messing up my vocal capacities.(2001)
* High pressure (2001 - now)
* Car Accident (2006)
I only mentioned things that still affect me in a way or another. Interesting, that only these four came into my mind.  Either I am repressing a real trauma like a rape ore something, or I was rather lucky in this decade, after all.

Best decisions / things I did this decade:
* Starting the animated Movies (2008)
* Starting my Diet (2008)
* Swapping the Garden grounds with my neighbor (2006)
* Stopping doing comics (2008)
* Starting cycling (2009)

Worst Decisions / things I did this Decade: 
* Going to the Erlangen Comic fair 2005 (?) I'm still paying back a credit to a friend who loaned me the money I could do so.
* Overreacting many times which resulted in the loss of some real good friends.
* Loosing countless hours of my Lifetime with senseless debates on Forums. (2000- 2008)

All things taken into account, I think that for me personally, the decade was a good one, it was marked by steadiness (Hey - I am now living in this house and in this village  for more years I ever lived elsewhere in my life) and slow, but continuous growth into better conditions.

Things I am willing to achieve during 2010:
* Finishing at least one Film (probably "La Bête des Vosges") and make it successful.
* Achieving my goal in weight-loss. (I'm not far away from it, anyway)
* Having the Attic turned into my personal room!
* Having at least one new book published.
* Starting to work with Runes

I'll try not to:
* Bitch around too much when I am in a shitty mood.
* Get involved into idiotic Internet-Debates.
* Give in to any creative idea which would make me loose the trail of the projects in progress.
* Give in to my phobias and fears.

I'ill try hard to:
* Being reliable with the updating of this blog, as well as of the Weltenbibliothek.
* Take more time for spiritual tasks
* Celebrate every pagan observance that applies to me and my path.

3 commentaires:

caroona a dit…

Wasting time on message boards? Would never happen to me... *coughcough* But we did have loads of fun when we got thrown out from Werner's GGR, didn't we? Ever heard from Sally again? She was fun, too. I met the most extraordinary people on the net. Okay, and I wasted hours and hours explaining to some thickheaded idiots why they were wrong and I was right...

Goodness, so much time has passed since then. Thank you for the inspiration, I will write down thoughts about my own "zeros"-decade.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Okay, maybe it was not only a waste if time, first of all, because we met each other at Werners GGR and also because we could train our rhetoric skills. ;-)

No, unfortunately, I don't have any news from Sally. This is sad, because she's still in my mind, even now, after all these years. She was something special and I'd love to have news from her, especially since she was ill when we had the last contact.

Magaly Guerrero a dit…

This is a very good idea, I think I'll follow your lead and mix it with that of a few Wicked Darlings who also had great vision and come up with something like this. I'll tell you how it goes.