samedi, décembre 19, 2009

Post Trip

Okay, its really cold now and I admit that Snow and winter can be stressful ;-)
There's ice on our windows, the kitchen is a freezer in the whole and I can't go pee without having my ass frozen on the toilett.
Went down to the Post office this morning and took these pictures on my way:

Okay, guess it's pretty much what most of you all see too, when going outside.

When I arrived, Post office was closed. It's supposed to be open at Saturday morning. While I was standing at the door, cursing the "reliability" of public services, the mayor's secretary arrived and said that she thought that with the weather condition, the post-office employee surely would not come to work, so she wanted to have a look at the office herself.
She could not process my letters, but offered to take them with her when she drives to town and send them off at the Post-office there. She then called the said employee to ask her what happened, and got the response that, indeed, she would not come because of the streets.
Okay, I admit that driving is  not easy now, but not impossible either. See Photos. Snowplow has done its job and the big lanes are even cleaner than that. The minimum in my eyes, would have been to inform the office that she would not come.
Anyway, the letters got off and in a silly way, I enjoyed the fact that the Secretary called me "a little lady" when she talked about me on the phone call with the post-employee. All while I'm not aware of any shrinking effect on my height due to dieting, I am apparently no longer perceived as "big" person.
That's very  fine.

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caroona a dit…

Ja, bei uns sieht es wettermäßig genauso aus, wenn es auch nicht sehr kalt ist, nur so gerade unter Null, dass der Schnee nicht wegtaut.

Aber bei uns ist es praktisch überhaupt nirgends abschüssig, das macht schon mal ne Menge aus, wenn ich Auto fahre. Da wo ich aufgewachsen bin, war das anders und da sind wir mit dem Schulbus mal so geschliddert, dass er quer zur Fahrbahn stand und den Hang runterrutschte. Paaaanik.

Trotzdem ist es keine Maßnahme, einfach nicht zu Arbeit zu erscheinen.

PS: Ich habe mich endlich wieder an mein Google-Account-Passwort erinnert, hipphipphurrah!

Mauser*Girl a dit…

I feel for you.

Driving in the snow and ice scares me, and more so because we have a lot of steep hills and tight curves where we live. That, and many of the parking lots aren't cleared because there are cars in them, and I always worry about hitting other cars there.

I'm not surprised that the Post Office was closed. Up here in New York, this weather is expected and the road crews are out to clear the main roads and parking lots of public buildings (like the Post Office), but in other areas, like Virginia, this type of snow isn't expected and the roads don't get cleared, so offices shut down.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Caroona: Berg oder nicht macht einen riesen Unterschied, in der tat. Und obwohl die Vogesen ja nicht gerade die Hochalpen sind, so sind einzelne Gefälle schon teilweise extrem steil. das mit dem Schulbus hätte mein Herz nicht überlebt. Man vertraut ja darauf, dass so ein Buschauffeur sein Handwerk versteht.

@Mauser*Girl Yes, it depends a lot on wether or not the area is used to snowy winter or not. I heard in TV that The New York area has experienced heavy snowfall. I hope you are well.