mercredi, décembre 02, 2009


Finally, today was our Rhiannon celebration. I decorated the living room and dressed up the altar.
In the early morning I was in the woods, searching for moss and twigs to build the decoration for the Rhiannon-candle.

Rhiannon is a celtic Goddess. She is said to have once appeared riding on her horse on the lands of King Pwyll. He wanted to know who this unknown rider was and sent a servant to meet her. But she fled and the servants horse was not fast enough to catch up with her steed.
Pwyll then ordered his best rider to follow her,  but he didn't have more luck. Another man, riding on the best horse of the kingdom, also failed. King Pwyll then decided to engage the chase himself. He followed her a long time and when his horse was exhaust, he cried out loud and begged her to stop and wait for him. She stopped and said: "If you called me earlier, it would have been better for your horse." She said that she was in love with him and wanted to marry him, instead of another one her father wanted to marry her with force. Pwyll accepted.

There is another story telling that Rhiannon was falsely accused of murdering her son, but as a couple of sources say, this legend probably comes from christian times.
The original wedding story of Rhiannon and Pwyll is interpreted as the union of the King and his Kingdom, when majesty meets creativity. In the Celtic tradition, true Majesty only came trough the female principle. So Pwyll would need her sacrement to become a real king.
In addition to that and on a more earthy view, I'd say that the legend teaches men to just communicate with women, instead of trying to impress them with physical efforts alone. ;-)

I didn't know about Rhiannon, until I had dreamt of JFK saying to me that we should choose her day (2. December) as the remembrance day of our bond. Learning about her story made me understand why. If she stands for the "kingdom" and creativity, it is the kingdom of my artistic and creative life who meets its King, Pwyll,  who is, in my case, JFK.
I think, Rhiannon is a wonderful Goddess who teaches women to find her own ways. She is a free, fearless horsewoman who doesn't accept any domination over her.

Rhiannons Day marks the start into the time of the year when we all await the return of the light. A happy time of enchantment and expectations.

May the Blessings of Rhiannon be with all of you.

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