vendredi, décembre 18, 2009

Shit happens!

Today the snow came - I mean really.  They announced it since two day and indeed, it was a huge load.
It was the kind of first-snow-day that causes chaos on the street, because its new and the snowplow hasn't passed by yet or didn't have enough effect.

Usually, I avoid to drive out such days. But today, I had to get Medics for Gribi. He's not well, so I didn't want to wait for better weather.
I drove down the snowy street very, very slowly.
Not slowly enough.
When the sharp curve came, The car didn't follow my driving and instead to take the turn, it crashed into an old stone-wall. Well, "crashed" is a too big word for what happened, but it was an impact.

Funny what your fist concerns in such moments can be. Mine was that I was too close at the house of the asshole-neighbors and that I didn't want - not for any wealth of the world - being seen by them and giving them something to laugh.
Since there were no human or animal being hurt and even the stone wall wasn't a particular person's propriety, I just drove away. I didn't know what happened to the car, but at least, it still rolled. I drove to the first stop of my trip, the recycling yard where I wanted to get rid of some trash from the attic. When I arrived there, I had the first look at the car: The damage was far less than I feared. In fact, just a plastic item beyond the bumper that was broken. And of course several scratches on the bumper itself.
I went to the mechanic who's just a few hundred meters away and had him have a look. He said that it was not a vital damage, I could still drive with that car, but will have the problem to be fixed of course. He was surrounded by a whole bunch of wrecked cars. "All from this morning" he said.

I then got Gribis Medics and shopped the few items I had on my "forgotten last time" list. At home, I received the call of the mechanic telling me that repairing my car will cost me 230 Euros. Shit, that's much.
But well, it was a very tiny accident. I feel like a drama-queen for blogging it at all.
Shit happens.

3 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Der erste Schnee ist immer gefährlich. Wenn es geht fahr ich erst ab dem dritten Tag wieder, wenn hier alle Straßen notdürftig frei sind, denn bei den Schneemassen dauert das oft länger.

Wie blöd, dass du raus musstest und typisch, dass natürlich genau dann was passiert...

Geier a dit…

Jetzt hast du mich getoppt, direkt vor der Türe+Sachschaden! Gibs zu, Schnee ist doof (zumindest beim Autofahren)!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Geier: *Grummel* ;-)