mercredi, décembre 23, 2009

Tagged! First Book

Magaly tagged me in her Post about the first book she ever read

Well, first I thought that she meant the first "real" book, ahm... written one. This would have been the Western "Hondo Lane" at the age of 8.  - but Magaly herself told us about a comic, so I guess the rules are "anything of paper that has a story printed on".

My very first books were those tiny little children booklets "Pixi". I inherited them from my mother from the time she was a baby. I was about 2 years old when I started to handle them and was very fond of these little booklets. They occupied me an  endless time. I imagined my own story to fit the pictures,  (because of course, I could not read then).
Later, when I was able to understand the text it was interesting to discover that sometimes, my imagination was very close to what the actual story was and sometimes totally away from it. Sometimes I thought that my version was just better and sometimes I was happy that the story was not as sad as I perceived it when looking at the pictures only.

After the Pixie Booklets, I started to read Petzi and other comics such as Fix and Foxi and Felix the Cat.
We had a big warden filled with Micky Mouse and Donald Duck Comics from my Mom's childhood, but, it was funny, I never got warm with the Disney universe. As a child, the characters appeared to me as flat, ugly and somehow "cold".
It was the same phenomenon with the Fix and Foxi Comics of the more modern times (70ties); 
I grew up with the ones of the fifties (also inherited from my mom) and in comparison, the contemporary series was badly drawn in my eyes, almost vulgar, with a very primitive language. Indeed, the comics were subject of an inflationary use of onomatopoeia, which I found simply gross.

When I was about 8, I started to read written books in addition to the comics. Here too, I could dispose of a large book stock from my mom's youth and childhood, but oddly enough, the phenomenon was a reversed one: I hated the "old" books. When I read the book my mom liked best and about which she told me on how it was funny and cool, it was not funny, but just stupid. The book's title was "Mein Name ist Eugen" (My name is Eugene") and it was about a 12 year old boy who did a lot of Nonsense. The nonsense was supposed to be funny, but I just thought that it was bullshit and often  even really cruel: That little bastard killed a dog and almost another child and I'm supposed to find that cute? 
I'm wondering if that is a generation thingie. Usually my mom is the one who can't bear "bad" humor,  so why the hell did she like that tasteless shit so much? Well, I do accept it of course, just as she accepts that I like books she hates.

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caroona a dit…

Petziiiiii!!! Den habe ich geliebt! Am besten fand ich Petzi in Pingonesien. Aber im Grunde waren diese ca. DIN A4 großen Bücher alle super klasse.

Hach, ganz nostalgisch...

Magaly Guerrero a dit…

WOW! A book about a kid killing a dog? That tough stuff! But I guess the book taught some type of lesson right? I hope, if not that would be very disturbing.