jeudi, décembre 10, 2009

Wonderful soundtrack

An hour ago, I received the first file of my Music Composer Wolfgang Mittendorfer containing the Soundtrack for the 2 finished Sequences of La Bête des Vosges.
I am impressed, overwhelmed and just plain happy about the result. It's simply fantastic. Full orchestral score and you wouldn't believe it's digitally made. WOW, THIS made my day!
It's so much of a difference if you just take some existing music for a film or if a real composer arranges a soundtrack that actually matches every action, emotion and atmosphere in your movie. 

I hope so very much that we will get somewhere with this project, I'd hate so see all that work and creativity done for just 3 copies of the DVD sold and the rest left for the basement to rot there. Here comes my business-counselor into play:  She said that she will work out a marketing plan for that work together with me, once it is ready. 
That is the difference to my Books and comics;  I am the only author.  If they don't sell well, at least, I am the only one concerned. Here, I have the Music Composer and the actors who spoke the dialogs who are in the same boat as me and I'd hate to disappoint them.

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