samedi, janvier 30, 2010

Visions of Spring

Imbolg is approaching and since my mom will go to Basel on February 1, We will celebrate it tomorrow. Imbolg is the celebreation of the lights and candles. As a big lover of Candles, this is one of my most cherished pagan observances.
With Beppi up to his Crown-Bud in the new snow, it is dificult to think that spring will ever come back:

Took this picture this morning while I was going to fetch new firewood in the barn.

Imbolg tells us that despite of the frost-spirit's harsh reign, the light increases and the days get longer.  A lot of people are pretty tired of the winter right now. Me too, of course, but I know that at the turn of January / February one cannot expect it to be finished. So I arrange myself with the facts and enjoy the oven-fire.
As much as I look forward to the new Garden season, I also have a real deep problem with it. Since the the theft by the Neighbors brats I have sort of a fear to go to the Garden. It may sound silly, but this issue left a deep trauma. It is difficult to explain. Its not the theft itself, it is the utter feeling that my own ground, my own, intimate universe has been violated  and profaned. It is the awareness that it is without defense  and out of my sight but right in front of them. I feel bad investigating a lot of work, Heart and money into cultivating it, knowing that they can - and will - go any  time they like to cause damage and steal. It is as if the Garden is lost for me.
It is an awful feeling that makes me enjoy the thought of spring and summer a lot less than the previous years. I really don't know what to do. Best would probably be to build a fence, but that's expensive and I spend every dime into my new room.
If anyone knows a ritual on how to protect the Garden and and how I can find my inner bond and peace with it again, it would be greatly appreciated. E-mail me if you feel it is too intimate.

vendredi, janvier 29, 2010


Terrible Snowstorm today! Wind is howling around the house and trough the chimney. I hope this whole mess has settled down on monday, when I have to drive my mom down to the railway station.

Even Pico prefers to hide under a blanket:
But well - I can work inside the house and make good progresses on all my projects. I am doing a lot of background paintings for the film. It can be a bit boring at times, drawing again and again blue trees... But it can't be helped. Must go trough there. But sometimes, I wish I had someone who does the backgrounds. ;-)

As for the other projects, they advance as well. At least, winter is a good time for drawing work, because there's not so much outside-work to do.
Nevertheless, I start to miss the garden, too.

mercredi, janvier 27, 2010

Good working day

Today was a real good working day. Finished 2 scenes and started 2 others. I am really progressing and this makes me happy.
In fact, if it were only for the script, I could even be a lot farther right now, but I added several scenes, in order to make the film a bit longer: Mainly action scenes between the beast and JFK. This is to give the film a minimum of length - enough to justify its release on DVD. Its not easy to find new ideas for action and fighting scenes in which JFK can avoid the beast, for the latter is so much quicker.

It is terribly cold outside. And they announced new snow. I am barely moving now, spending most of the day under blankets with a warming bottle, my drawing work on my lap. I know I should do some exercising. I will, when it is just a bit warmer than that. When it is this cold, I get pain in the titts. (No kidding!) Therefore, I will stay where its warm -  whatever you say!

Speaking of animated Films: I hope I can get it manged to see Disneys Princess and the Frog in the theater, maybe next time in Basel. It looks like  a great movie and I am very happy to see that despite of what it seemed, 2D-classical animation is not dead!

mardi, janvier 26, 2010

Project52 - 4: Wind and Weather

Wind and weather is the theme of issue 4 - This is why I have to sit in the twigs of theMagnolia tree, between the half frozen rain-droplets and occasional snow-flakes. Man, is it cold!
My elements are the air and the water. The Magnolia-Tree is a symbol for the air - it represents the spirit, ideas, thoughts, communication, intelligence, beginning, east, spring, youth. The flowers of the Magnolia are beautiful at any stage of their blossom, even when falling appart, and therefore stand for wisdom which is timeless, too.
My other element, the Water, is the one of Emotions, Feelings, inner world, love and fear, joy and anger, Deepness and mystery. West, autumn, aging. My water-air nature explains why I am pragmatic and rational in one moment and emotional and sensitive in the next. Dual, as the ever-changing tides of the sea.
Diana is a water-earth person. Earth stands for the North, winter, old age, material matters, crop, agriculture, wealth, life, death and growth.

We make a good match with our three elements: The wind of my Ideas and Inspirations blow over Dianas wide fields, spreading its seed into the fertile ground. And then we both let it rain from the waters of our feelings all over it, to make creativity come into life.

Okay, I've all said - can I please go inside now? it-is-cold!!

dimanche, janvier 24, 2010

Old Pics

I am currently  re-working the english Kennedy-Tales site and hence cleaning out the domain where I will host it.  Unbelievable what kind of useless stuff can get stored on a server throughout time. Deleted a lot of that today.
But I also found some funny stuff, like the kennedycons:

I made them for use in Forums and they always got attention.

Some like the one beyond  really offended people. I remember that I used it in the Forum of the Stupidedia and a guy never really pardonned it. He reported me to the admin for "insulting me with Kennedys naked ass" and asked that I should be punished. I wasn't but have a bitter ennemy since.

samedi, janvier 23, 2010

Old papers and new phones

Gribi update: He's a bit calmer now and has good appetite. But he is very weak. I found out that I can calm him much quicker when petting him instantly,  instead of just talking to him. I think he is almost totally deaf by now.

Little rest of life left outside Gribi:
I managed to draw a little bit today, in spite of the ongoing noise produced by the asshole-neighbors. I also received my new telephone. Believe it or not, my old one jut went down flat dead a couple of days ago. First, I was worried that it was a DSL or Modem Problem again, but since the Internet connection still worked fine and the telephone didn't react even when plugged directly into the wall-socket, it was obvious that the device itself was broken.
I felt uncomfortable telling people that they can't call me because of a "broken telephone". I guess most of them rather thought that I idn't pay my phone bill ;-)
Therefore I had to quickly buy a new one. I found  a not too expensive one at the shop of my Internet Provider. It arrived today and works fine so far.
When cleaning the attic, I found a huge load of old documents and newspapers, both from WW1 and 2. I am putting them o Ebay these days. It was funny to read some of those papers, especially the ads. This one, from 1917:

promises "5 Kilos in a month" . Pretty same stuff that you can see today, all over the internet. Some things are timeless.
But wait... Its not about loosing 5 Kilos, the praised method will make you gain that much!  "Tuberculous Persons, recovering persons, injured, amnesics, depressed ones and so on.. you can gain 5 Kilos a month, without medics and without drugs with this free method "

These were other times. WW1 - people had not enough food, suffered from various deseases, had war injuries and depressions. They were meager and skinny and a lot of them probably so much underweighted, that it treatened their life.

The cartoon above is neat, too. A soldier from the front is on furlough and meets his people. The Lady asks him: "Well, cousin, what's going on on the front?" He responds: "I dunno. I don't read papers."

The other documents are mostly vintage letters from the public services of Saint Clément des Baleines, a town on the fench Isle Ile de Ré.
One is from 1940. An official letter to all authorites, such as Préfectures and the mayors, informs them that the German Troops want to get all the stray horses french farmers may have catched after warfare. German horses as well as French horses.
I knew it. Would have been to cool if you could keep them ;-)
A document of 1929 is bout a council that was planned for November 25, about whether or not taking off the drivers license of a guy who made an accident with his car. A council for this kind of shit? Boy, they had time to vaste...

Some documents and papers just turned out to be in too bad shape or of too little interest, so into the oven they went. Much to the delight of Gribi and Flecki, who enjoyed the warm fire.

jeudi, janvier 21, 2010

Mixed day

Gribi is still with us.  He had a mixed day.

When I take him in the living room at morning, first thing he does after being stuffed with his medics, is to go into that crate we installed next to the oven. But many times, this crate is occupid by Flecki or another cat. Gribi has a technique on how to "stare Flecki out" by means of just standing next to the the crate, staring at Flecki in silence, until the poor big guy is so annoyed by that that he jumps out of the crate ;-)
Anyway, I didn't want Gribi to experience the slightest stress, so I made a plan. After giving Gribi his medics, I opened a can of "Felix" to feed to the others, so they would all leave their crates and places, offering Gribi a choice of free resting sites.
It did work for the latter. But instead of immediately jumping into the crate, Gribi went down to the plates - and started to eat "Felix" with the others. I simply did not have the heart to drive him away, despite the fact, that "Felix" is NOT his (special) Food and the stuff also was pretty cold and therefore could make him vomit again. And vomiting means pain, and crying all day long.
After stuffing himself full of illegal junk-food, Gribi went into his crate. Little black Georgie started to vomit! Indeed, Food was too cold and I am afraid that Georgie as a stomach problem, too for he threw up a bit often lately.
Gribi seemed to get away with his Intake. Until the afternoon when he blackmailed mom into giving him anopther load of that stuff. After that, he vomited and all the moaning an pain started again. He also had a fluid poop and therefore I think he has a gastro. Just as Georgie. They probably infected eachother. We do now try out a treatment against that.

mercredi, janvier 20, 2010

A hard day

Gribi was again very ill today. At a point that we talked with the veterinarian about coming to us for the final care. She didn't have time, because she had two emergency cases with surgeries. At the evening, Gribi calmed down and even ate a bit, so we agreed to decide on the further steps, tomorrow.

I met the Mayor today and he said that I shall take photos of my house and draw the future window on the photo. Then he will fill out the form with me and we'll send it off to the Urbanisation departement in Vittel. He was confident that the permission will be given, for my five meters space of own ground are way enough, ideed. This gave me hope. Thanks to Weidenfrau for the Reiki Help she gave me in this matter!

Project52 - 3: Friendship

"We are all travellers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend" said Robert Louis Stevenson. This is one of Diana's favorite quotes. Real friends are very rare. True friendship may be as scarce as true love.
As you can see on the photo, I am friend with Diana's cats, except when they try to bite my hand off ;-)
Animals can be true friends to humans, for they don't expect anything in return than your true friendship as well.
When incarnated, I had a lot of friends, many of them I did not even ever met. And from those I've known personally, not all turned out as being friends.
Animals don't care if you are rich, famous and / or good-looking when they decide to be your friend. This is why some people prefer them over humans, after a while. I still think that even tough humans can be a source of disappointment, one should never loose the idea of having true human friends as well.

lundi, janvier 18, 2010

I have 5 Meters, I have 5 meters, I have....

Today,  went down at the Mayors office, since the worker gave me the exact dimensions of my new window yesterday at the phone.
Of course, Mayor was absent and his secretary wasn't well informed on which form she should give me. She said that she will keep the plan I made and explain him the project. Then I shall call the office on Wednesday. The Mayor will then be there (hopefully) and explain me how to proceed. Okay, but I really don't like this sort of delays.

She also said that she didn't know about the rules for new windows, except that one must be careful because of the neighbors.
Shit, THAT thing again. I said that I have 5 Meters of very own ground between my housewall and the neighbors yard. She answered that again, she didn't know the rules. What she knew is that I have to report the whole project to the authorities, because a house with more living space will make higher House Taxes. Of coure, THAT'S Important: sucking more taxes outta me! *£*$*+ç!!!
Back at home I felt awful and nervous. I googled the French web, in the hope of finding more Informations. I found out that, apparently, nowadays, only 1,90 Meters of own yard are required to be allowed cutting out windows without having to ask neighbors for permission. "I have 5 meters"  I chanted to myself, like a maniac, in a mix of anger, fear and stress.
The whole thing annoys me beyond any description. I know its probably all in vein and I am just plain overreacting. I do so much hate dealing with authorities, for they can be so fucking unpredictable. They can cast you into an endless  nightmare with a cold smile.
Since my days as "illegal immigrant" in Germany, I am utterly damaged when it comes to official things.
Nevertheless, I could also draw a bit and finished an other scene of the Film:

I am pretty happy about the last scenes, I think whole project does very well.

I am also happy that it is a bit less cold. Even tough, the cats favourite place is still around the oven. This is Gribi wth little black Georgie.

samedi, janvier 16, 2010

First Step in the Room Project

Today, the worker came for inspection of the attic.
As I somehow was afraid of, he came up with a thing that has "to be done first" and which I didn't plan nor expect. It's the roof. "If you put the Isolation right under the naked ceilings, it will rot away. We need to take the ceilings off and then install a special covering-sheet first" he said. But he also assured me that "it's not as bad as it sounds. After all, we don't have to replace the ceilings". We talked about the whole project and he had nice ideas, both on how to work out details as on how to save money.
He also said that he has some windows on stock, he can give me one of them which means that it will be much less expensive than buying a brand new one. This is why I choose this worker. He has a lot of goodies here and there and can therefore make much cheaper offers than others. He will give me the dimension of the Window at my next call, so I can go down to the mayors office applying for a construction permit. He said that for the 800 Euros, he can of course starting to buy some material and start replacing the rotten floor.

Of course, the whole project will cost much more. But since we will do it step by step troughout the year, not the whole sum will be due at once. Still, I will have to save every dime and try to sell as much art and books as possible. Its a very huge effort to accomplish, but it has to be done.  Not only because I need an own room, but also for the whole house. Right now, cold winds blow trough the Holes in the wall up at the attic. The cold then crawls down the stairs and goes in every corner of the house. We're probably wasting 50% on the heating efforts this way.

vendredi, janvier 15, 2010

Attic almost ready to be inspected.

Today was the day I called the worker who is supposed to fix up the attic, in order to transform it into Mrs. Kennedys beautiful own room. I have saved 800 Euro to hopefully feed the first few tasks. He will come for a first sight tomorrow.
So I spent the morning with sweeping the attic and carrying out the last items. Dear Gods, is it dirty! The cats have misused that room as their outhouse. Dry shit from 11 years was piled in the corners. Really about time that I conquer this place of lawless disorder!
Of course, I am a bit anxious about tomorrow. I fear that the worker will say things like:

* It would be much easier and cheaper to blow away your house with dynamite and rebuild it, than trying to fix that mess.
* An account of 800 Euro? Thanks, I can pay the coffee and the travelling costs with that. And where are the rest of the 100'000 Euros you will owe me?
* Your ideas about your room are completly nutty. They won't work.
* Sorry, law has changed. One can only install a new window when having an outside yard of at least 6 Meters.

The latter issue worries me most. You probably know that one cannot cut a new window into a house wall just like that. You need a construction permit. And you need your terrain under said window being at least 4 meters broad, or you'll have to ask your neighbor if he'll give you permission to install that window.
Now, we have 5 Meters. At least on the Ground plan. In reality, Neighbors stole us 50 centimeters when building their wall. Ok, with 4,50m it should still not be a problem. But you never know. There's nothing I would hate motre than asking these neighbors who stole from us, if they kindly allow me to have a window in my house! Especially since they are here only for a few weeks in summer. I live here permanently.
I am grateful for any positive energy in order to pass this issue in the smoothest way possible.

mardi, janvier 12, 2010

Violence in Art

This is a subject I wanted to blog since a pretty long time. But I somehow never found the right words and am not sure if I will yet. Geiers latest Post inspired me to at least try it.

The question on depiction of violence was raised to me very early, when I started to do War-Comics. I hesitated in the Beginning but quickly became very graphic and did some truly bloody stuff. Beheading at close-up, bodies halved by explosives, and so on. I didn't really like it. There was kind of a thrill of course, in seeing how far I can go and what is graphically possible. I was sick of the typical attitude by the ever so typical (male) comic-reader, who thinks that Comics by women are mostly sweetish and nice, if not to say kitsch.  For some time, I therefore tried to be even more aggressive than male colleagues.
This form of "arms race" within the artists community on who shows the most shocking violence and the most obvious Sex-Scenes, was launched somewhere in the middle of the eighties and has, to my feelings, now reached an extend where its all not shocking or new anymore, but just boring.  The Phenomenon isn't just in Comics. Movies and TV Series have a quicker cut, more action and more bare skin than ever.
People get over saturated and blunted by the mass. Its like for those who can't eat dishes that are not sharply spiced, unable to recognize the subtle tastes of the original food with less or no spice.

With the years I got tired of that arm race. I just want to leave it. I am pretty convinced that the perpetual overdose of sick and violent scenery does no good. I don't think that violent games and films will make School-shooters, even tough School Shooters certainly do consume violent games and films. The general blunting is the much bigger threat.
An argument that always convinced me was that the depiction of violence in war comics/movies will prevent the work from playing down the awe of war. In old movies and Books, Soldiers always get down in a clean and unbloody way, making war looking almost romantic.
I don't agree to this logic anymore. People who romanticized war based on that will also do so when seeing bloody butchering. Violence has its own fascination and will probably not turn away one single person who thinks that war is cool.
What actually can work, is an intelligent play with emotion. I remember Disneys film version of Bambi. When Bambis mother was shot by hunters, you just heard the shot, and did not see anything else but the lost fawn, calling for his mother. No graphical violence was shown, but the emotional impact was so utterly deep that it made the children  cry out loudly and forced parents to take them out of the theater. Heck, even the adults cried. This effect couldn't have been produced with a herd of bloody dead deer.
Okay, Bambi is a Children Movie. But I am more and more convinced that, also for an adult audience,  a strong emotional storytelling is far more effective than tacky violence labelled as "shows the truth".

This is why I re-work some parts of the latest JFK Books, taking out some of the too graphic drawings, replacing them by more decent ones.  I am also pretty proud and happy that the Film Bête des Vosges will be entirely GP rated and can be enjoyed by young and old alike.
I know that because of this, more people than before will see my work as "effeminate" or "too gentle", but I am ready to face that. I've outgrown the stage where I felt the urge to prove that I can be as hard-boiled as men. I would like to find the way back to my real nature. It will probably never be "typical" Womans Work, for I am too much into adventure and the drawing of males, but it will be gentle and decent, with Humor and Emotion instead of showy violence.

lundi, janvier 11, 2010

Project52 - 2: Numbers

"There is no strenght in numbers" said Uriah Heep in their Song "Lady in Black". I totally agree, for I was more a man of words and language than of mathematics. Nevertheless, Numbers do have their own mythology and spirituality. Each name has a number value and depending on which interpretation one uses, this number has a specific meaning and says a lot about you.

A quick check on a numerology site yielded that the number value of the name John F. Kennedy is 5. And about the 5 it's said: "This number is the in-between number. You live between two worlds, in your own as well as in those of the others. Your personality is very dual. You can easily travel from one shore to another,  and therefore understand a lot of different viewpoints. You are talented in language and communication. Philosophy, Religion and spirituality are where you feel at ease. You hate prejudices and oppression. Freedom is your first wish. Number-5 people use humor in communication when criticizing others and they fight for social equality."

Pretty amazing, huh? Because THAT is really me.

By the way: Diana's Number is the 8, both for Diana Kennedy and Diana Sassé. (Looks like we can't escape some things...)
"The 8 is the number of power, fight and hard destinies. The life of 8 people is often fight. Against inner demons as well as against threats from outside. 8-people can achieve some real great deeds. They are never what they seem and therefore often feared by others. In most cases, they have to make their path alone."

Diana knew that already and didn't like the thought of having a difficult life. This is why,  longtime ago, she started to use the first letter of her second name, Rebecca, in the middle. Diana R. Sassé makes number 2. Number 2 is for artists. She hoped to be under a more favorable assignment this way. It did not help. And now that Diana Kennedy again yields number 8 just  as it did initially with Diana Sassé, she finally accepted that this IS her number.

samedi, janvier 09, 2010

The Pics of the Exhibit

Since I have been asked for, here are some of the drawings that are currently exposed at the Butchershop.

JFK and Wenkawitha trying out a new and fancy horse-cart model: The cabriolet.


The Megaloceros Giganteus or Irish Elk. There's plenty of Irish Elk in Americania

JFK at the farrier. This image was done for the JFK calendar 2010. It's the pix for January.

Ride in march. Another calendar Pic

Month of July. Theo and some peasants


For all those Readers who acttually have a chance to go to Basel, the Shop is at: Pferdemeztgerei Bürgi, Laufenstrasse 1. The Drawings cost between 120 and 65 Swiss Francs.

vendredi, janvier 08, 2010

Paintings at the Butchershop

Back from Basel today! We stayed there longer than usual for we had a lot of things to do. Leaving the cats for one complete and two half days alone.
The journeys both were more than exhausting, because of the cold and the street conditions. (snow, ice). Our car's heating system has passed away long time ago. This is why after departing from home, both front doors freezed and took me prisoner in my own car. I had no choice than driving to the Meachnic. Luckily, my mom has the habit to travel on the back-seat and the rear doors were not frozen. So she could go out fetching the mechanic, asking him to kindly liberate me. After a quarter of hour of heat treatement, the doors finally opened and I was a free woman again. After this, we continued our journey to Basel.

In Basel I finally brought the Paintings to the butchershop for the Exhibition. 

Now they are for a couple of months on the wall, above the horse-sausages...

The butcher took this photo of me  with my favorite Drawing. Hehe, yes I look like sort of a gothic vampire with my folds and eye-shadows. It's the lightening - partially - but also the fact that I got a real lot of folds lately. Age! *whine* .
Now let's hope that one ore two pictures will be sold. I dunno if a butchershop is an ideal art-galery ;-) It's all an experiment, of course.
Weather Forecast announced storm and snow yesterday, so we were real worried if we could make it on our trip home, today. Fortunately, it was half as bad. Especially in our Area. But the house was extremely cold. 8 degrees! I quickly fired the oven and the cats got around it. Gribi was very nervous and angry at us. After all, we left him alone without asking him. 

mercredi, janvier 06, 2010

Hello World!

I got aware of Project 52 when reading Caroonas Blog.
The project consists of taking a picture every week and blog about it. The picture should illustrate a given theme, determined by the participating community. And each picture, no matter what it shows otherwise, should also contain one Figure / Object that was chosen at the beginning. This way, the whole series is seen trough the eyes of a specific Figure or object. Caroona took her Ganesha Statuette from her Altar. I will - who could guess? assign JFK for the adventure.

First Week, First Theme: Hello World, introduce your Figure!

Hello World!

My name is John, but you can also call me Jack, JFK, Lancer or Kennedy. I can inhabit as various shapes as I have names. This one is a doll and trough it I will travel trough the year. Some say that I once was the most powerful man of the world. I was surely one of those with the most responsibility, but I think that the notion of power is over estimated.
As I once said: We have to choose whether we use power or if power uses us.
I always understood the world as a whole, long before the "one-world" notion became common. "The ultimate truth is the vulnerability of this planet".
On the Photo beyond, I tried not to pose like the infamous "great Dictator" ;-) Rather than than that, I got down on my knees. I did never bent down before anyone, but I was always willing to do so for the Planet.

dimanche, janvier 03, 2010

New start

Today, I started cleaning the house and took off the Yule decoration. Usually, this is done by tradition on January 6, but we will be on the road to Basel this day. Therefore, I prefered to clean the house before the trip. It's nicer to come home in a house thats clean than in one where there is still a yule tree, probably devasted by the cats, then.
2010 starts its course, slowly.
I was on the scale. I was very, very afraid, but my courage was rewarded: I did not gained any weight, I even lost some. Hooray! Gribi is better these days. So, except of the asshole-neighbors who occasionally start their motorcycle noise again, I can concentrate myself on my work.

samedi, janvier 02, 2010


As I mentioned in my last post, I plan to introduce a new Wife to JFK, Grand Duchess Anastasia.
You probably all know the fate of the historical Person: She was born in June 18, 1901, as the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.  She died 1917, July 17, together with her parents and siblings, murdered by forces of the bolshevik, secret service.
During 20th century, rumors about her possible escape from the massacre circulated troughout the world.
Several women claimed to actually be Anastasia who survived the murder. The most prominent was Anna Anderson.

When I first heard about Anderson, I was thrilled, just as most would, but when I saw the first photo of her, I was quickly convinced that she couldn't be Anastasia, for she simply did not have any ressemblance to the Grand Duchess. I was always amazed how many supporters she had and how many people actually considered her claims to be the truth.
In 1991, the remains of the imperial family were discovered near Ekaterinburg. They were identified on the basis of both skeletal analysis and DNA testing. The mitochondrial DNA of the female skelettons matched the DNA of Prince Philipp, Duke of Edinburg, whose maternal grandmother was a sister of Alexandra, the Tsar's Wife. Repeated and independent tests confirmed the results and prove that none of the four daughters of the Tsar survived the murder.
Of course, it was also the time to solve the "Centurys biggest Riddle" and test the DNA of Anna Anderson, too. She was dead by this time and had been cremated, but a tissue sample from a surgery was kept in a Hospital, making a DNA test possible.
The test was clear, She wasn't Anastasia. As some people suggested very early, Anna Anderson could have been Franziska Schanzkowska, a polish Factory worker who had an accident with an explosive.  And indeed: Andersons samples did match the DNA provided by Franziska Schanzkowska's great-nephew Karl Maucher, indicating that Karl Maucher and Anna Anderson were maternally related and that Anderson was very probably Schanzkowska, but certainly not Anastasia.

You and I might see the case as closed, but you would not believe how many people are STILL firmly convinced that Anna Anderson was Anastasia. DNA? It was a fake, they say. This is pretty odd and make absolutley no sense to me. I mean, it's not only the DNA tests, just look at the damn Photos:

From left to right: Real Anastasia, Anna Anderson and Franziska Schanzkowska. Just compare the mouths, the shape of the chin and the eyebrows and there should be no question about who is who.

I find it kind of scary how much some people wipe away all these evidences and still want to believe an obvious lie. According to what I've been told, there are lots of Anastasia-Forums on the net, filled with Anna Anderson Supporters who aggressively defend their stand. And a look on the discussion Pages of the Wikipedia Entries to Anna Anderson will make you dizzy. Whazzat? Why is it this hard to deal with reality?
Be it. Meanwhile, I'll crawl trough the Anna Anderson Mudd in my research for the real Anastasia, in order to learn about her temper and psychology as I want to render it as best as possible for my stories.

vendredi, janvier 01, 2010

A look into the the future JFK-Tales

Senpai asked me in her last mail, if in my stories, I would let JFK die one day, just as he died in Reality.

Since its the start of a new year and since I talked a lot more about the films than about the comics / illustrated stories lately, I may take the opportunity to talk a bit about what's planned in the future JFK Tales, (the books).
To answer Senpais question: No.
When I started the series back in 2001, It was indeed planned that JFK would die from assassination just as he did in History, with the little difference that he'd be shot when riding in a horse-drawn carriage rather than in a limo. All the details would be very similar, including the place (Dallas) and the timeframe (after being a bit more than 1000 days in office)

By the time, I could less and less imagine to kill him. First, there would be far too little time left for all the stories to fit in in a plausible way. Second, it would hurt too much.
Third: The series is supposed to play in another universe. This Universe was much closer to reality in the beginning than it is now. America was America and Europe Europe and so on. Just the historical figures were mixed up.
Now, as any story-teller knows, the characters have their own lives and they let the stories evolve in their own way. The JFK universe has become more fictive. America is now Americania and has a different Geography than real America has. It is a true own land of JFK.  Not only does this allow more space for individual creativity, it also prevents the reader to take the stories too much from a reality-tied side, i.e as political satire or whatever.
I am currently working out the whole history of Americania and the list of the Presidents the Country had. Some are based on real American Presidents, others are invented ones.
JFK is an elected President, but the circumstances of his Election made it that people choose him to be a new monarch, the King for Lifetime. So in fact, President Kennedy is King Kennedy.
Now, the melancholy of his assasination is a part of JFK that cannot be wiped away. I had to find a way to include this in my stories, without killing him.
 I solved the problem in the Book Selenas Song: There he remembers his death in Dallas from another Life. The memory of his past Life with all its awe (the Cold War, Cuba and so on) will accompany him and give him -  and hence his personality -  this touch of sadness we always feel, when we think about him.
I will also give him an additional Wife: Anastasia, Grand Duchess and daughter of the Russian Tsar. They were married by their parents when Anastasia was just born and JFK 23 years old. Neither JFK nor Anastasia knew about the arrangment, until she was 17 and ready to be married. To avoid diplomatic trouble between the two great Empires, Russia and Americania, both had to fulfill the "deal". It will be very nice to see two "legends" that had a tragic end in History being thrown into a life together.
As I mentioned, future JFK tales will not be in Comic Form anymore. It will be illustrated, written stories, but generously illustrated ones.
Gina mentioned that the link to is broken. That's right. The domain was abandoned by me. It had technical reasons: For a long time, I wasn't able to log in to the server anymore. I asked for help many, many times at the hosting service and got none. After more than a year, I wasn't no longer ready to pay for a domain and webspace that I cannot feed with updates. So I just quit. I will rebuild the English Site as a part of the domain.