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As I mentioned in my last post, I plan to introduce a new Wife to JFK, Grand Duchess Anastasia.
You probably all know the fate of the historical Person: She was born in June 18, 1901, as the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.  She died 1917, July 17, together with her parents and siblings, murdered by forces of the bolshevik, secret service.
During 20th century, rumors about her possible escape from the massacre circulated troughout the world.
Several women claimed to actually be Anastasia who survived the murder. The most prominent was Anna Anderson.

When I first heard about Anderson, I was thrilled, just as most would, but when I saw the first photo of her, I was quickly convinced that she couldn't be Anastasia, for she simply did not have any ressemblance to the Grand Duchess. I was always amazed how many supporters she had and how many people actually considered her claims to be the truth.
In 1991, the remains of the imperial family were discovered near Ekaterinburg. They were identified on the basis of both skeletal analysis and DNA testing. The mitochondrial DNA of the female skelettons matched the DNA of Prince Philipp, Duke of Edinburg, whose maternal grandmother was a sister of Alexandra, the Tsar's Wife. Repeated and independent tests confirmed the results and prove that none of the four daughters of the Tsar survived the murder.
Of course, it was also the time to solve the "Centurys biggest Riddle" and test the DNA of Anna Anderson, too. She was dead by this time and had been cremated, but a tissue sample from a surgery was kept in a Hospital, making a DNA test possible.
The test was clear, She wasn't Anastasia. As some people suggested very early, Anna Anderson could have been Franziska Schanzkowska, a polish Factory worker who had an accident with an explosive.  And indeed: Andersons samples did match the DNA provided by Franziska Schanzkowska's great-nephew Karl Maucher, indicating that Karl Maucher and Anna Anderson were maternally related and that Anderson was very probably Schanzkowska, but certainly not Anastasia.

You and I might see the case as closed, but you would not believe how many people are STILL firmly convinced that Anna Anderson was Anastasia. DNA? It was a fake, they say. This is pretty odd and make absolutley no sense to me. I mean, it's not only the DNA tests, just look at the damn Photos:

From left to right: Real Anastasia, Anna Anderson and Franziska Schanzkowska. Just compare the mouths, the shape of the chin and the eyebrows and there should be no question about who is who.

I find it kind of scary how much some people wipe away all these evidences and still want to believe an obvious lie. According to what I've been told, there are lots of Anastasia-Forums on the net, filled with Anna Anderson Supporters who aggressively defend their stand. And a look on the discussion Pages of the Wikipedia Entries to Anna Anderson will make you dizzy. Whazzat? Why is it this hard to deal with reality?
Be it. Meanwhile, I'll crawl trough the Anna Anderson Mudd in my research for the real Anastasia, in order to learn about her temper and psychology as I want to render it as best as possible for my stories.

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Sefarina a dit…

Hier in der Gegend gibt es auch ein Grab einer angeblichen Anastasia, und eine unvorstellbare Menge Leute pilgert dort immer noch hin um das Grab zu besuchen. Es ist zwar dumm, aber wenns Spaß macht ;-)

Magaly Guerrero a dit…

Unless that lady had a jaw reconstruction I don't see how people can think they were the same person, but people will believe what the want.

caroona a dit…

I guess it's like with the landing on the moon that allegedly didn't happen. There are any number of documentaries taking apart each and every argument the sceptics come up with, they still stick to their conspiracy theories.

I am very much looking forward to reading about Anastasia in the Kennedyverse.