vendredi, janvier 15, 2010

Attic almost ready to be inspected.

Today was the day I called the worker who is supposed to fix up the attic, in order to transform it into Mrs. Kennedys beautiful own room. I have saved 800 Euro to hopefully feed the first few tasks. He will come for a first sight tomorrow.
So I spent the morning with sweeping the attic and carrying out the last items. Dear Gods, is it dirty! The cats have misused that room as their outhouse. Dry shit from 11 years was piled in the corners. Really about time that I conquer this place of lawless disorder!
Of course, I am a bit anxious about tomorrow. I fear that the worker will say things like:

* It would be much easier and cheaper to blow away your house with dynamite and rebuild it, than trying to fix that mess.
* An account of 800 Euro? Thanks, I can pay the coffee and the travelling costs with that. And where are the rest of the 100'000 Euros you will owe me?
* Your ideas about your room are completly nutty. They won't work.
* Sorry, law has changed. One can only install a new window when having an outside yard of at least 6 Meters.

The latter issue worries me most. You probably know that one cannot cut a new window into a house wall just like that. You need a construction permit. And you need your terrain under said window being at least 4 meters broad, or you'll have to ask your neighbor if he'll give you permission to install that window.
Now, we have 5 Meters. At least on the Ground plan. In reality, Neighbors stole us 50 centimeters when building their wall. Ok, with 4,50m it should still not be a problem. But you never know. There's nothing I would hate motre than asking these neighbors who stole from us, if they kindly allow me to have a window in my house! Especially since they are here only for a few weeks in summer. I live here permanently.
I am grateful for any positive energy in order to pass this issue in the smoothest way possible.

4 commentaires:

Weidenfrau a dit…

Huhu, ich kann die Gesamtsituation
mal mit Reiki berieseln damits gut läuft! :-) ich drücke die Daumen das alles klappt!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Das wäre ganz wunderbar! Lieben Dank!



Geier a dit…

Oje... Ich fürchte mit 800 wirst du, bei allem was da anfällt, nicht weit kommen.
Aber ich wünsch dir das Beste + das ich mich irre!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Geier: das 800 Eur erst ein Anfang sind ist klar, aber ein paar erste Arbeiten liegen da schon drin.