samedi, janvier 16, 2010

First Step in the Room Project

Today, the worker came for inspection of the attic.
As I somehow was afraid of, he came up with a thing that has "to be done first" and which I didn't plan nor expect. It's the roof. "If you put the Isolation right under the naked ceilings, it will rot away. We need to take the ceilings off and then install a special covering-sheet first" he said. But he also assured me that "it's not as bad as it sounds. After all, we don't have to replace the ceilings". We talked about the whole project and he had nice ideas, both on how to work out details as on how to save money.
He also said that he has some windows on stock, he can give me one of them which means that it will be much less expensive than buying a brand new one. This is why I choose this worker. He has a lot of goodies here and there and can therefore make much cheaper offers than others. He will give me the dimension of the Window at my next call, so I can go down to the mayors office applying for a construction permit. He said that for the 800 Euros, he can of course starting to buy some material and start replacing the rotten floor.

Of course, the whole project will cost much more. But since we will do it step by step troughout the year, not the whole sum will be due at once. Still, I will have to save every dime and try to sell as much art and books as possible. Its a very huge effort to accomplish, but it has to be done.  Not only because I need an own room, but also for the whole house. Right now, cold winds blow trough the Holes in the wall up at the attic. The cold then crawls down the stairs and goes in every corner of the house. We're probably wasting 50% on the heating efforts this way.

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Sefarina a dit…

Na das klingt ja schon mal ganz gut und positiv. Ich hoffe es geht so weiter. Versuch auf jeden Fall dich immer vertraglich abzusichern, das schadet nie ;-)

Ich bin schon gespannt darauf, wie sich dein Zimmer entwickeln wird!

Ganz liebe Grüße,

Gina a dit…

The best of luck in getting a real studio! Hope everything can be done to give you a place for your art—sehr importanté es ist! You can tell it has been too many years since I studied and spoke Deutsch!