mercredi, janvier 27, 2010

Good working day

Today was a real good working day. Finished 2 scenes and started 2 others. I am really progressing and this makes me happy.
In fact, if it were only for the script, I could even be a lot farther right now, but I added several scenes, in order to make the film a bit longer: Mainly action scenes between the beast and JFK. This is to give the film a minimum of length - enough to justify its release on DVD. Its not easy to find new ideas for action and fighting scenes in which JFK can avoid the beast, for the latter is so much quicker.

It is terribly cold outside. And they announced new snow. I am barely moving now, spending most of the day under blankets with a warming bottle, my drawing work on my lap. I know I should do some exercising. I will, when it is just a bit warmer than that. When it is this cold, I get pain in the titts. (No kidding!) Therefore, I will stay where its warm -  whatever you say!

Speaking of animated Films: I hope I can get it manged to see Disneys Princess and the Frog in the theater, maybe next time in Basel. It looks like  a great movie and I am very happy to see that despite of what it seemed, 2D-classical animation is not dead!

3 commentaires:

Geier a dit…

Wie lange soll der Film eigentlich dauern, die Lauf- nicht die Produktionszeit?

Diana Kennedy a dit…

So an die 20 - 25 Minuten.

Sefarina a dit…

Och, bei der Kälte geh ich auch nicht raus. Der Weg zum Kühlschrank gilt ja auch als Bewegung, oder? *g*

Schön wenn du einen Lauf hattest, so macht Arbeit am meisten Spaß ;-)