mercredi, janvier 06, 2010

Hello World!

I got aware of Project 52 when reading Caroonas Blog.
The project consists of taking a picture every week and blog about it. The picture should illustrate a given theme, determined by the participating community. And each picture, no matter what it shows otherwise, should also contain one Figure / Object that was chosen at the beginning. This way, the whole series is seen trough the eyes of a specific Figure or object. Caroona took her Ganesha Statuette from her Altar. I will - who could guess? assign JFK for the adventure.

First Week, First Theme: Hello World, introduce your Figure!

Hello World!

My name is John, but you can also call me Jack, JFK, Lancer or Kennedy. I can inhabit as various shapes as I have names. This one is a doll and trough it I will travel trough the year. Some say that I once was the most powerful man of the world. I was surely one of those with the most responsibility, but I think that the notion of power is over estimated.
As I once said: We have to choose whether we use power or if power uses us.
I always understood the world as a whole, long before the "one-world" notion became common. "The ultimate truth is the vulnerability of this planet".
On the Photo beyond, I tried not to pose like the infamous "great Dictator" ;-) Rather than than that, I got down on my knees. I did never bent down before anyone, but I was always willing to do so for the Planet.

4 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Oh, du machst auch mit?
Ich habs mir zwar schon überlegt, aber ich glaube ich lass es lieber. Vielleicht nächstes Jahr... ;-)

caroona a dit…

Ha, colour me not surprised :o) I guess he will be very useful as a model for themed photographs.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina: Yep, war eine ganz spontane Entscheidung. Yo, zu sowas muss man in Stimmung sein, es soll ja Spass machen. Du machst eh schon viel!
@Caroona: Since the doll is highly poseable, it will offer a lot of possibilities for photographs.

Gina a dit…

Very appropriate, too, since JFK helped save the world!