lundi, janvier 18, 2010

I have 5 Meters, I have 5 meters, I have....

Today,  went down at the Mayors office, since the worker gave me the exact dimensions of my new window yesterday at the phone.
Of course, Mayor was absent and his secretary wasn't well informed on which form she should give me. She said that she will keep the plan I made and explain him the project. Then I shall call the office on Wednesday. The Mayor will then be there (hopefully) and explain me how to proceed. Okay, but I really don't like this sort of delays.

She also said that she didn't know about the rules for new windows, except that one must be careful because of the neighbors.
Shit, THAT thing again. I said that I have 5 Meters of very own ground between my housewall and the neighbors yard. She answered that again, she didn't know the rules. What she knew is that I have to report the whole project to the authorities, because a house with more living space will make higher House Taxes. Of coure, THAT'S Important: sucking more taxes outta me! *£*$*+ç!!!
Back at home I felt awful and nervous. I googled the French web, in the hope of finding more Informations. I found out that, apparently, nowadays, only 1,90 Meters of own yard are required to be allowed cutting out windows without having to ask neighbors for permission. "I have 5 meters"  I chanted to myself, like a maniac, in a mix of anger, fear and stress.
The whole thing annoys me beyond any description. I know its probably all in vein and I am just plain overreacting. I do so much hate dealing with authorities, for they can be so fucking unpredictable. They can cast you into an endless  nightmare with a cold smile.
Since my days as "illegal immigrant" in Germany, I am utterly damaged when it comes to official things.
Nevertheless, I could also draw a bit and finished an other scene of the Film:

I am pretty happy about the last scenes, I think whole project does very well.

I am also happy that it is a bit less cold. Even tough, the cats favourite place is still around the oven. This is Gribi wth little black Georgie.

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Sefarina a dit…

Behörden haben oft böse Überraschungen parat, die sie einem dann genüsslich antun. Ich hab auch immer ein schlechtes Gefühl, wenn ich wieder hin muss.

Aber sag mal, du warst mal "illegal"? Wusstest du das? *g*

Zumindest drück ich dir weiterhin die Daumen, bis das ausgestanden ist.

Lieben Gruß

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Du meinst, ob ich wusste, dass ich illegal war? Anfangs noch nicht, dann aber wurde es mir schon brutal-deutlich klar gemacht. Ist schon lange her, war in Deutschland. Es hat mich trotzdem unglaublich gezeichnet.

Weidenfrau a dit…

ich sende mal weiter Reiki zu den entsprechenden Stelllen..auf das es alles so klappt wie du das haben möchtest :-)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Weidenfaru: Vielen Dank, das bedeutet mir sehr viel.

Mauser*Girl a dit…

Puh, was fuer ein Aerger. Aber dafuer sind die Behoerden ja da, um den Steuerzahler zu aergern.

Ich hoffe, dass alles gut geht!