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A look into the the future JFK-Tales

Senpai asked me in her last mail, if in my stories, I would let JFK die one day, just as he died in Reality.

Since its the start of a new year and since I talked a lot more about the films than about the comics / illustrated stories lately, I may take the opportunity to talk a bit about what's planned in the future JFK Tales, (the books).
To answer Senpais question: No.
When I started the series back in 2001, It was indeed planned that JFK would die from assassination just as he did in History, with the little difference that he'd be shot when riding in a horse-drawn carriage rather than in a limo. All the details would be very similar, including the place (Dallas) and the timeframe (after being a bit more than 1000 days in office)

By the time, I could less and less imagine to kill him. First, there would be far too little time left for all the stories to fit in in a plausible way. Second, it would hurt too much.
Third: The series is supposed to play in another universe. This Universe was much closer to reality in the beginning than it is now. America was America and Europe Europe and so on. Just the historical figures were mixed up.
Now, as any story-teller knows, the characters have their own lives and they let the stories evolve in their own way. The JFK universe has become more fictive. America is now Americania and has a different Geography than real America has. It is a true own land of JFK.  Not only does this allow more space for individual creativity, it also prevents the reader to take the stories too much from a reality-tied side, i.e as political satire or whatever.
I am currently working out the whole history of Americania and the list of the Presidents the Country had. Some are based on real American Presidents, others are invented ones.
JFK is an elected President, but the circumstances of his Election made it that people choose him to be a new monarch, the King for Lifetime. So in fact, President Kennedy is King Kennedy.
Now, the melancholy of his assasination is a part of JFK that cannot be wiped away. I had to find a way to include this in my stories, without killing him.
 I solved the problem in the Book Selenas Song: There he remembers his death in Dallas from another Life. The memory of his past Life with all its awe (the Cold War, Cuba and so on) will accompany him and give him -  and hence his personality -  this touch of sadness we always feel, when we think about him.
I will also give him an additional Wife: Anastasia, Grand Duchess and daughter of the Russian Tsar. They were married by their parents when Anastasia was just born and JFK 23 years old. Neither JFK nor Anastasia knew about the arrangment, until she was 17 and ready to be married. To avoid diplomatic trouble between the two great Empires, Russia and Americania, both had to fulfill the "deal". It will be very nice to see two "legends" that had a tragic end in History being thrown into a life together.
As I mentioned, future JFK tales will not be in Comic Form anymore. It will be illustrated, written stories, but generously illustrated ones.
Gina mentioned that the link to is broken. That's right. The domain was abandoned by me. It had technical reasons: For a long time, I wasn't able to log in to the server anymore. I asked for help many, many times at the hosting service and got none. After more than a year, I wasn't no longer ready to pay for a domain and webspace that I cannot feed with updates. So I just quit. I will rebuild the English Site as a part of the domain.

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Donald a dit…

Klingt ja alles spannend. Alles Gute für deinen Film und die Comics (und für alles andere was du 2010 anpackst)!!!

Gina a dit…

I’m glad you are going to save JFK. When I was writing my science-fiction novel (unfinished and unpublished), that’s exactly what I did, too--it was an alternate history where he was never killed (nor was neither Martin Luther King, Jr. nor RFK).

Good luck with all your films. When I read the name of your music composer, Wolfgang Mittendorfer, I nearly fell out of my chair. The little I have found out about my Germanic ancestors is that some came from Alsace-Lorraine with the name of Mittendorf. It is indeed a small world, isn’t it?!

Weidenfrau a dit…

Oh..interessant. Der Wandel zu illustrierten Stories kommt mir sehr entgegen:-).
Alles Gute für deine Projekte!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Donald Vielen Dank!

@Gina Yes, the world is indeed small, I'ts not the first time that such coincidences happened, it seems like we all just move within a particular, invisible "circle" and can't go beyond it.

@Weidenfrau. Das ist genau der Grund, warum ich das Medium wechsle. Mir ist schon seit langem aufgefallen, dass die Menschen, die potentiell an den JFK Geschichten interessiert wären / sind nicht wirklich ertwas mit Comics anfangen können und umgekehrt können Menschen, die speziell Comics mögen nicht wirklich etwas mit den JFK Geschichten anfangen. Eine Anpassung drängte sich daher auf. Zumal ich jetzt auch nicht soooo wahnsinnig am Medium Comic hänge.

caroona a dit…

Personally, I am going to be interested in your JFK stories whatever the medium. I love comics but I love reading stories in text format as well, especially if they are illustrated.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Caroona: Thanks. And of course, the stories will have more illustrations than yo will usually find in written books.