jeudi, janvier 21, 2010

Mixed day

Gribi is still with us.  He had a mixed day.

When I take him in the living room at morning, first thing he does after being stuffed with his medics, is to go into that crate we installed next to the oven. But many times, this crate is occupid by Flecki or another cat. Gribi has a technique on how to "stare Flecki out" by means of just standing next to the the crate, staring at Flecki in silence, until the poor big guy is so annoyed by that that he jumps out of the crate ;-)
Anyway, I didn't want Gribi to experience the slightest stress, so I made a plan. After giving Gribi his medics, I opened a can of "Felix" to feed to the others, so they would all leave their crates and places, offering Gribi a choice of free resting sites.
It did work for the latter. But instead of immediately jumping into the crate, Gribi went down to the plates - and started to eat "Felix" with the others. I simply did not have the heart to drive him away, despite the fact, that "Felix" is NOT his (special) Food and the stuff also was pretty cold and therefore could make him vomit again. And vomiting means pain, and crying all day long.
After stuffing himself full of illegal junk-food, Gribi went into his crate. Little black Georgie started to vomit! Indeed, Food was too cold and I am afraid that Georgie as a stomach problem, too for he threw up a bit often lately.
Gribi seemed to get away with his Intake. Until the afternoon when he blackmailed mom into giving him anopther load of that stuff. After that, he vomited and all the moaning an pain started again. He also had a fluid poop and therefore I think he has a gastro. Just as Georgie. They probably infected eachother. We do now try out a treatment against that.

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