samedi, janvier 23, 2010

Old papers and new phones

Gribi update: He's a bit calmer now and has good appetite. But he is very weak. I found out that I can calm him much quicker when petting him instantly,  instead of just talking to him. I think he is almost totally deaf by now.

Little rest of life left outside Gribi:
I managed to draw a little bit today, in spite of the ongoing noise produced by the asshole-neighbors. I also received my new telephone. Believe it or not, my old one jut went down flat dead a couple of days ago. First, I was worried that it was a DSL or Modem Problem again, but since the Internet connection still worked fine and the telephone didn't react even when plugged directly into the wall-socket, it was obvious that the device itself was broken.
I felt uncomfortable telling people that they can't call me because of a "broken telephone". I guess most of them rather thought that I idn't pay my phone bill ;-)
Therefore I had to quickly buy a new one. I found  a not too expensive one at the shop of my Internet Provider. It arrived today and works fine so far.
When cleaning the attic, I found a huge load of old documents and newspapers, both from WW1 and 2. I am putting them o Ebay these days. It was funny to read some of those papers, especially the ads. This one, from 1917:

promises "5 Kilos in a month" . Pretty same stuff that you can see today, all over the internet. Some things are timeless.
But wait... Its not about loosing 5 Kilos, the praised method will make you gain that much!  "Tuberculous Persons, recovering persons, injured, amnesics, depressed ones and so on.. you can gain 5 Kilos a month, without medics and without drugs with this free method "

These were other times. WW1 - people had not enough food, suffered from various deseases, had war injuries and depressions. They were meager and skinny and a lot of them probably so much underweighted, that it treatened their life.

The cartoon above is neat, too. A soldier from the front is on furlough and meets his people. The Lady asks him: "Well, cousin, what's going on on the front?" He responds: "I dunno. I don't read papers."

The other documents are mostly vintage letters from the public services of Saint Clément des Baleines, a town on the fench Isle Ile de Ré.
One is from 1940. An official letter to all authorites, such as Préfectures and the mayors, informs them that the German Troops want to get all the stray horses french farmers may have catched after warfare. German horses as well as French horses.
I knew it. Would have been to cool if you could keep them ;-)
A document of 1929 is bout a council that was planned for November 25, about whether or not taking off the drivers license of a guy who made an accident with his car. A council for this kind of shit? Boy, they had time to vaste...

Some documents and papers just turned out to be in too bad shape or of too little interest, so into the oven they went. Much to the delight of Gribi and Flecki, who enjoyed the warm fire.

3 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Wow, so alte Zeitungen haben schon was. Aber 5 Kilo in einem Monat zunehmen? Das geht nur mit deftigem Essen und ist ja schon fast wieder schädlich (wie jede Crash-Diät). Ich erinnere mich, dass im Mittelalter Marzipan aus der Apotheke gegen Schwäche verordnet wurde. Hätten sie schon Schokolade gehabt wäre die sicher auch empfohlen worden. Viel Fett und Zucker eben...

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina: Ich halte diese Anzeige für genauso unseriös wie deren heutigen Pendants, wo es darum geht in kürzester Zeit so und soviel Kilos runter zu bekommen. ;-)
Marzipan gegen Schwäche? Im Mittelalter hat das sicher auch noch gut funktioniert, mal so eine kleine Energiebombe, wenn man ansonsten vermutlich eher unterernährt war.

caroona a dit…

Wahnsinn, so alte Zeitungen und so gut erhalten. Na hoffentlich bringen sie ordentlich ein paar Euronen für die Renovierung.

Ganz liebe Grüße von Lilly an Gribi. Und einen mentalen Mittelfinger, einfach mal so pro forma für Deine spackeligen Nachbarn, die sollen mal langsam Ruhe geben und Benzin sparen.