dimanche, janvier 24, 2010

Old Pics

I am currently  re-working the english Kennedy-Tales site and hence cleaning out the john-f-kennedy.eu domain where I will host it.  Unbelievable what kind of useless stuff can get stored on a server throughout time. Deleted a lot of that today.
But I also found some funny stuff, like the kennedycons:

I made them for use in Forums and they always got attention.

Some like the one beyond  really offended people. I remember that I used it in the Forum of the Stupidedia and a guy never really pardonned it. He reported me to the admin for "insulting me with Kennedys naked ass" and asked that I should be punished. I wasn't but have a bitter ennemy since.

6 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Och, manche Leute haben einfach keinen Humor *g*
Hübsche Bilder, sehr... aussagekräftig.. ;-)

amberchrome a dit…

Hi, this is Monique again. Been a while! That last one with Jack mooning made me laugh.

caroona a dit…

Ahaha, well at least he was insulted with a really sexy Kennedy ass.

This reminds me, do you still have the picture of the glowing stag? It was a small image in yellow, red and orange and it loooked as if it should feel hot to the touch. I seem to have developed a surprising connection with stags and that image would look really good on a T-Shirt, I think. I followed one of your T-Shirt-Links, but I have not found where I can have a look on all _your_ designs instead of searching by tag only.

I wish I could draw icons fitting my mood like you, they must have come extremely handy now and then :o)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina, Yep, der Kerl war ein Humor-Atheist, ausser, er konnte sich über andere lustig machen, DANN war das natürlich "nur Spass".

@Monique: Welcome back! Glad you are here.

@Caroona: I am afraid that I don't know where that little Stag Icon is by now. I may fin it again when going trough the old CD Archives. Glad you found yourself drawn to Stags. It has become a major Totem Animal of mine, too.

Gina a dit…

Have you thought about doing one main page for The Gates of Camelot and adding a translator button? I found one for my blog through Goggle—just an idea. You must be at least tri-lingual—I’m very impressed.
Funny poses of JFK, too! I love his red hair.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Gina, I am a bit sceptic about automated translations, the results are often awful. And since I have my pages in 3 languages anyway, well...
Oh, I am only bi-lingual, my english is way too bad. ;-)