lundi, janvier 11, 2010

Project52 - 2: Numbers

"There is no strenght in numbers" said Uriah Heep in their Song "Lady in Black". I totally agree, for I was more a man of words and language than of mathematics. Nevertheless, Numbers do have their own mythology and spirituality. Each name has a number value and depending on which interpretation one uses, this number has a specific meaning and says a lot about you.

A quick check on a numerology site yielded that the number value of the name John F. Kennedy is 5. And about the 5 it's said: "This number is the in-between number. You live between two worlds, in your own as well as in those of the others. Your personality is very dual. You can easily travel from one shore to another,  and therefore understand a lot of different viewpoints. You are talented in language and communication. Philosophy, Religion and spirituality are where you feel at ease. You hate prejudices and oppression. Freedom is your first wish. Number-5 people use humor in communication when criticizing others and they fight for social equality."

Pretty amazing, huh? Because THAT is really me.

By the way: Diana's Number is the 8, both for Diana Kennedy and Diana Sassé. (Looks like we can't escape some things...)
"The 8 is the number of power, fight and hard destinies. The life of 8 people is often fight. Against inner demons as well as against threats from outside. 8-people can achieve some real great deeds. They are never what they seem and therefore often feared by others. In most cases, they have to make their path alone."

Diana knew that already and didn't like the thought of having a difficult life. This is why,  longtime ago, she started to use the first letter of her second name, Rebecca, in the middle. Diana R. Sassé makes number 2. Number 2 is for artists. She hoped to be under a more favorable assignment this way. It did not help. And now that Diana Kennedy again yields number 8 just  as it did initially with Diana Sassé, she finally accepted that this IS her number.

3 commentaires:

caroona a dit…

Hey, das war ja auch richtig lehrreich. Und erstaunlich, dass Du von der 8 nicht weg kommst. Ist der Pulli handgestrickt? Der ist ja superknuffig.

Sefarina a dit…

Vor der Hochzeit war ich auch ne Fünf ;-) und bin jetzt ins Lager der Achten gewechselt...

Aber genau wie mein Sternzeichen scheint auch die Numerologie bei mir nicht zu greifen. Für mich gibts wohl keine Schublade.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Caroona: Ja, der Pulli wurde von meiner Mutter zu Weihnachten gemacht. Bei der Kälte derzeit wäre der Anblick von JFK in leichter Frier-Kleidung auch nicht zu ertragen.

@Sefarina: Ich fände es auch gruselig, wenn sich wirklich alle Menschen einer kleinen Anzahl an Grundtypen zuordnen liessen. Das sind alles bestenfalles Tendenzen und manchmal passt es eben auch übehaupt nicht. Beim Sternzeichen geht es mir da wie Dir: Past null.