mardi, janvier 26, 2010

Project52 - 4: Wind and Weather

Wind and weather is the theme of issue 4 - This is why I have to sit in the twigs of theMagnolia tree, between the half frozen rain-droplets and occasional snow-flakes. Man, is it cold!
My elements are the air and the water. The Magnolia-Tree is a symbol for the air - it represents the spirit, ideas, thoughts, communication, intelligence, beginning, east, spring, youth. The flowers of the Magnolia are beautiful at any stage of their blossom, even when falling appart, and therefore stand for wisdom which is timeless, too.
My other element, the Water, is the one of Emotions, Feelings, inner world, love and fear, joy and anger, Deepness and mystery. West, autumn, aging. My water-air nature explains why I am pragmatic and rational in one moment and emotional and sensitive in the next. Dual, as the ever-changing tides of the sea.
Diana is a water-earth person. Earth stands for the North, winter, old age, material matters, crop, agriculture, wealth, life, death and growth.

We make a good match with our three elements: The wind of my Ideas and Inspirations blow over Dianas wide fields, spreading its seed into the fertile ground. And then we both let it rain from the waters of our feelings all over it, to make creativity come into life.

Okay, I've all said - can I please go inside now? it-is-cold!!

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. a dit…

your little men is vers seet.... beautiful picture

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Thanks for looking by, point. :-)

Anonyme a dit…

Great idea !