samedi, février 06, 2010


Yesterday, I started the work on a new JFK Book in German, the first one that will be an illustrated book, instead of a comic. I am very excited about it and I will tell about its progress here, just as I do with the Film.

The working title is "Europareise".  (Journey to Europe) I don't know if it will be the definitive title, but we have to call the project somehow. The story will be about a very turbulent journey of JFK and some of his spouses (Jackie, Theo and, for the first time,  Anastasia)  trough Europe and the Island of Etruria.
I am still not yet used to the new medium and so the whole thing is also an experiment. It will have more illustrations than a normal written book. No lead-desert there!

What's for sure, is that it is in no way less work, even if I don't have to draw so much as in a regular comic. The text takes more care and time instead.
Where I am still hesitating is from whose sight the story should be told. I feel that the classical non-personal storytelling "he did this, she said that and then happened this" may not suit. Therefore I thought about telling the whole thing from the view of an involved spouse. I think, it is a possibility to drag the reader more into the whole atmosphere. In the other hand, the telling person should be more an observing instance and not one to whom happens the most.  Let's see. Nothing is decided yet.

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caroona a dit…

I love how in English the word "spouse" is gender-neutral. Sometimes I wish I wasn't german.

Sefarina a dit…

Diese Erzählstimme wäre mir auch zunächst eingefallen, aber wie wäre es stattdessen mit einem nicht-menschlichen Erzähler? Das schafft etwas mehr Abstand und ermöglicht interessante Sichtweisen.
Oder wie wäre es mit mehreren Erzählstimmen? Das liebe ich an einigen meiner Romane besonders, wenn die Sichtweise von Hauptperson zu Hauptperson wechselt und manchmal die selbe Situation aus zwei Perspektiven geschildert wird. Man erfährt so auch mehr über Hintergründe und Absichten...

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Caroona, Yes, I like the word "spouse" too, it is gener-neutral and can easuily used in plural ;-)

@Sefarina. Ja, so oder so wird Handlungsbedingt JFK auch sehr viel erzählen und die anderen auch. Was das "nicht menschlich" betrifft, so dachte ich eh, an eine ich-form im Sinne einer "Geisterbraut", also eine die zwar erwähnt wird, deren Namen aber man nicht erfährt. Soe ist einfach der beobachtede Part.

Feronia a dit…

These are great, Diana. You are so talented!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Thank you very much, Feronia