mardi, février 16, 2010


Today, we finally could proceed with Gribi's burial. I made him a grave on our house-yard, next to the stone-circle section, so this is like if he was interred in a church-cemetery, seen from a Christian viewpoint.  The soil was still partly frozen, but not this bad, so that I could dig the hole. Occasionally I had to cut bigger frozen pieces of earth in several pieces with my shovel.
After the burial, I covered the grave with twigs from the Yule-Tree behind the barn -  still fresh they are -  and that's what you can see also on fresh human graves. Later, I will plant two roses behind it and other flowers.
Gribi was buried with a plate of food, his favorite pillow and 4 precious stones, such as carnelian.

The sun shone brightly and carried an idea of spring, despite of the cold. It feels good to have Gribis remains laid to rest. I think it is important to give him back to Nature. Storing him in the barn was not natural and hindered, both the physical and spiritual processes, taking their course.

Since We went shopping with the Neighbor-Lady yesterday, We didn't have to take the Bus today. That was a great relief. Now the cats have new food ;-)
I really hope that the scanner I bought on Ebay will be shipped quickly - the finished drawings pile up and the longer it lasts, the higher the pile gets.

3 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Das Grab sieht ganz zauberhaft aus.

Ich sehe es auch immer als letzten Schritt den man ihnen schuldet, ein anständiges Grab und ein richtiges Begräbnis zu haben.
Es hilft auch, selbst loszulassen und ohne zu große Schuldgefühle weiterzuleben. Inzwischen musste ich da leider so oft durch, dass ich gelernt habe mit einem ehrlichen "solange du da warst, war ich für dich da" mit der Trauer und der Schuld fertig zu werden. Ob man darauf stolz sein kann, weiß ich nicht.

Alles Liebe,

Feronia a dit…

Gribi's burial sounds beautiful, Diana. It's such a lovely idea to give him back to nature.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina: Ob stolz oder nicht, es ist in jedem fall gut, dass Du einen Weg gefunden hast, damit umzugehen.

@Feronia: Yes, Nature itself carries a lot of Solace.