lundi, février 01, 2010

Imbolc -and misc thoughts

Since my Mom had to go to Basel today, we celebrated Imbolc already yesterday. It was only a little celebration, but very nice.
Driving my mom to the railway station wasn't easy. Lots of snow on the roads and it took me half of an hour to digg out the car. But when I returned, the weather went even worse, lots of snow, a storm and the roads got slippery as hell. I finally managed to arrive home safely. So here I am as a straw-orphan for a week.

The English Kennedy Site is online again: I will have to update it more thoroughly, but at least its online and doesn't contain outdated stuff.
Speaking of English JFK Tales: They are available as print, as you may know, but not only as Graphic Albums at Lulu, but also in the classic Comic-Book Format. These are a lot cheaper. They may be a good choice if you prefer this over expensive, big bound albums:

Issue 1:

Issue 2:

I will see that I can complete this series by publishing the other tales at Comixpress, too.

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