mardi, février 23, 2010

The Joy of Busing

Since we were beginning to be out of one after another item again, it was time to try out the weekly Bus into town. Bus is every Wednesday, and today was Wednesday. It was the very first time since we live in this village, that I took that Bus.

We went down to the Church-place and the Bus, sort of a Van, came on time. We were the only passengers and the driver was very nice. I asked him where one has to go out when aiming for the shopping mall. "Well, I will simply drive you to the shopping mall, if yo want to go there", he said. He then asked us, if we wanted to stay the 2 hours before he will return at the mall. "No, I have to go downtown to the postoffice" I replied. "Then I suggest that you leave your shopping cart at the mall, where the employees can watch it, so you can go downtown without the load. After this, you can wait for me at the Big Plaza station. I will pick you up there and then we go to the mall, taking your shopping goods and then drive home."

We were pretty amazed about this well, somehow very personal service.
The Bus then went on its tour. Visiting every little flat and barn in the hills and mountains. But just one old man finally joined us. After half an hour, we arrived at the shopping mall. We bought what we needed and then told the employees that we were here with the bus and if they could take care of our goods until we come back picking them up. They agreed.

After this, we walked down to the Post-office, where I could send off my letters. We were pretty happy we did not have to carry our shopping bags!
This all finished, we finally arrived at the Bus station on the great plaza. But well, it was still An hour and a half until the Bus would come. It rained, it was windy and it was cold. The first 30 minutes were ok, but after this, it surely was challenging. I was wet and chilled to the bones.
When the Bus came, we were half frozen. We picked up our bags at the Mall and the old man who had visited his wife at the local retirement house. Then we went on our way home. Arrived at the Village, the driver even brought us to our house, so we hadn't to carry the heavy load uphill.

Except from the real hard waiting in cold and rain, it was a good experience and I can very well imagine doing this until I can buy a new car. The Bus Driver said that he knows a little bar where we can wait next time, so we don't have to freeze at the station. Good!
Still, Such a shopping tour takes more than 3 hours all in all, while with an own car, it takes barely 25 minutes.
But it can be done.

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OckGal a dit…

I bet if more people knew how nice the driver was, they'd be on that bus. I can't believe only one other person got on it!

3 hours isn't too bad when you need to get out and do things, I guess. I think waiting in the bar the next time will be more pleasant and you can get a drink to pass the time or something.

Very cool that he took you right to where you wanted to go.

Feronia a dit…

That certainly was great service, Diana. Isn't it nice to discover things like that?

Geier a dit…

Das war ja mal supernett, daß es sowas noch gibt, gibt mir ein richtig gutes Gefühl zurück - nachdem Gestern meine Waschmaschine ausgelaufen ist + ich ne Neue brauche...

Diana Kennedy a dit…

OckGal; Yes, you are right. This weekly Bus is mostly a ghost, people know not more than dark rumors about. The news that it is a regular, reliable transporting service with a real friendly driver should be spread in our area.

@Feronia: I think it has its good side to be forced to make new experiences, sometimes.

@Geier: Ja, es tut gut, auch mal wieder was positives zu erleben. Oh je, das mit der Waschmaschine ist jedoch mal wieder so ein mieser Tritt in den A... :-( Ich habe so das Gefühl, dass derzeit viele Geräte den Geist aufgeben, so als hätte sie der harte Winter fertig gemacht. Ich hoffe, Du kommst bald an eine zahlbare, neue.

Sefarina a dit…

Oh du lieber Busfahrer, Busfahrer, Busfahrer... *sing*

Zu Schulzeiten hatten wir auch einen genialen Busfahrer, Angelo, einen feurigen Italiener mit Pfeffer im A.. der immer etwas zu schnell fuhr aber dafür jeden direkt nach Hause brachte. Jahre später traf ich ihn in einer anderen Stadt, während seiner Mittagspause. Mein Zug hatte mehrere Stunden Verspätung und er meinte nur "Hüpf rein, ich weiß noch wo du wohnst" und dann fuhr er mich als einzigen Passagier 60km nach Hause...

3 Stunden sind finde ich noch ganz annehmbar, du kannst dir ja ein Buch mitnehmen, dann ist die Zeit gut genutzt ;-)

Liebe Grüße,

OckGal a dit…

I was telling my mom about your story yesterday and she said we used to get a little bus into town when I was a kid. I don't remember it, but thought it was neat that we had one and I didn't even know about it, haha!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina, Euer Angelo scheint das Herz am rechten Fleck gehabt zu haben!

@OckGal: Funny you don't remember your early Bus rides. You must have been very little.

Sefarina a dit…

Ja, das hatte er :-)