mercredi, février 17, 2010

Plan B

These days, I had to reflect seriously about what to do in my carless situation.

I am waiting for a proposal of a car dealer regarding a car-loan, but I am not very confident that I will get such a loan.
In the other hand, I saw that a private, used vehicle that looks decent and seems in good condition is available for around 3000 Euros.
So finally I came to the conclusion, that unless the car-dealer makes a real great offer and I am eligible for a car-loan, I will simply try to save the money in order to have the 3000 Euros together next winter. And in the meanwhile, I'll try to survive on weekly Bus and occasional rides with the neighbor-lady.
I also thought about buying an old motorcycle. I did a lot of motorcycling  previous to my drivers license in Germany. I could tie a trailer to it and go to town for shopping.
But heck...Old motorcycles cost money, too. And like an old car, it probably will need repair very soon. That's money I better save for the car. And honestly, I fear to lower myself on the level of the asshole-neighbors, whose lives pretty much consist of dirty, old cars and motorcycles.

Mrs. Kennedy is not like that. She doesn't own rusty, old piles of scrap that lay in her backyard when she's not gonna mess up the roads with them.
Mrs. Kennedy will buy a trailer, tie it to her bicycle and go to town the sporting way. I will have to increase my fitness even a lot more in order to be able to achieve this - but hey! It can be done. And it will.

5 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Ich musste sechs Jahre lang alles zu Fuß erledigen und war auch recht von der Welt abgeschnitten. Das ist super für die Kondition aber ich habe in der Zeit haufenweise Schuhe durchgelaufen.
Heute würde ich lieber Motorradfahren als wieder so eingeschränkt zu sein. das muss die Rockerin in mir sein *g*

Magaly Guerrero a dit…

I've noticed that necessity is very inspiring. I had no Internet (or money to get it) last month so I took the train to the library every day to do my homework and, yes, to blog and check my email. Also, I needed to save money for some things, so I reduced my other expenses in order not to have to take a loan. It was tough, but it worked!

I believe in you, so start pedaling that bike!

Feronia a dit…

Good on you for not letting circumstances beat you, Mrs Kennedy!

Weidenfrau a dit…

hui...da hast du dir was vorgenommen! Wie weit ist es denn in die Stadt?

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina. ja, für die Kondition ist das immerhin eine gute Sache, das sehe ich auch so. Auch wenn der Schuhverbrauch dadurch ansteigt! :-)

@Magaly: Thanks Magaly! It is very wise from you to try to avoid a Loan. They're from Satan, anyway.

@Feronia: Thank you very much!

@Weidenfrau: "Nur" 8 Kilometer. Aaaber: Berg rauf, Berg runter! :-/