dimanche, février 14, 2010

Project52 - 6: This I am addicted to!

I not really feel like it, but anyhow, I will post my contribution for last week's Project52 Theme. And then catch up with Project52-7 on Monday or so.

Project 52 "This, I am addicted to!"

If you believe that I am gonna talk about my  addictions, you wear the wrong horse-collar!
None of your business!
Instead, let's talk about Diana's ones. If we would put together all what  she needs on a daily basis, such as music, art, drawing-paper, the cats, her bicycle and all the other tings that make her happy, it would not fit into a single photo. Therefore, I decided to present only the things that are slightly... politically not really correct and could hence be called "vices".
Yes, there is a historical quote from me, I said: "Let's not so much talk about vice. I am against vice in all forms."
Well, that was aimed against the Vice-President.

You'll probably agree that it is far more interesting to talk about a woman's vices, than about an old fart like Lyndon B. Johnson.

Okay, let's see what we have here: From the left to the right: A big bottle of Cola. Cola Zero. Diana is a hardcore Coke-Addict. Fortunately, they invented diet Cola. That's one of the main reason she now weighs half what she used to, when still drinking Cola "heavy". Please notice that the bottle on the photo is her last one. And she doesn't have  a car to go out buy new one. I don't know what will happen when the last swallow is gone...Watch the news for a shooting-drama in the French Mountains.

Then we have a Steak. A good Horse-Steak. No offense intended against our Veggie-Readers, Diana is a vegetable lover too, but she needs this at least once a week, or she gets nervous, bitchy and stinky.
The thing at the right is a roe-deer's antler. As a big lover of deer and Wildlife, she needs that physical contact to these animals. And since they can't be petted in the wild...
The antler on the photo is her favorite. She has other, bigger ones, but this one is the most beautiful in her eyes.
To the very right you see the Computer Screen. It stands for the Computer as such, the Internet and so on - on which you can surely say that she's addicted, too.
And in the middle - well, that's me. And if you didn't realize by now that I, JFK, are her biggest addiction, then you can't be helped. ;-)

4 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Hihi, meine Sucht sind definitiv Bücher und Schokolade, Filme und Barfusslaufen - neben vielen anderen.
Dass dir allerdings grade gar nicht danach ist, kann ich super verstehen :-(

Feronia a dit…

I think I'm addicted to the Internet too - and chocolate. Preferably consumed at the same time!

Weidenfrau a dit…

I-Net, Schoko und Koffein..abgesehen von Büchern, meinen Pastellkreiden und am wichtigsten : MEINEM GATTEN!!

Wie geht das jetz eigentlich weiter in Sachen Auto? Ohne wirst du in so einem kleinem Ort wohl kaum zurechtkommen, oder?

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina Barfusslaufen liebe ich auch sehr. Allerdings nur im Sommer. Ja, im Moment ist es sehr schwer an irgendetwas Freude zu haben.

@Feronia: Eating chocolate while surfing - that is for sure a great thing. Unfortunately, my Diet doesn't permit it.

@Weidenfrau: Aha, noch eine Schokoholic! Pstellkreiden: Ja, Malmittel können einem unglaublich sinnlich ansprechen und schon fast rauschähnliche Zustände hervorrufen.