lundi, février 15, 2010

R.I.P my Scanner

Okay, so yesterday my Scanner got down flat-dead. After more than 10 years of loyal service,  I cannot be too angry. But it was a shock, I need that scanner every day for my work.
I found a replacement on Ebay the same day, paid it and now hope, that I will get it very soon and that it works properly.
Until then, the drawings will pile up next to the computer awaiting to be scanned.

Getting a new car will not be as easy as getting a new scanner. Especially, it won't be as cheap. To be honest, I just can't afford a new vehicle. Not even one of those 1200 Euro Clunkers, that will last 2 weeks before they need a 5000 Euro Repairing. I just can't.
I currently study those offers which say that you can pay monthly, even without a first deposit. Two problems with that: For one, I hate the thought of getting involved into a credit of whatever sort. I was always happy that I didn't have a current credit to pay off.  Secondly, It is more than unsure if I will get  any credit, looking at my thin income.

So now, we get slowly out of all sorts of stuff, including Cat-Food.
Usually, the Neighbor Lady (the nice one) took us with her in her car when ours was out of service. She is of course willing to do it again, but right now, she fears too much to drive because of snow and ice.  Well, actually, the streets are not as bad as that. I, would drive, if I had a car.
But I can understand her: Not 2 weeks ago, she had a pretty nasty car-accident on ice herself and is somehow traumatized. I respect her fears and can fully understand them.

I found out, that there is a Bus once a week, that will travel to town, and then  back after 2 hours. Next  is tomorrow morning. So my mom and I will take all the bags we can carry, catch that Bus and go shopping for the most needed this way.

As for today, I did two things for the first time again, after Gribis death: taking my medics and listening to music. Taking my medics was impossible, since I always took them at the same occasion when I gave Gribi his ones. It was just too awful to take my medics alone. So I didn't. But now I had to, because the lack of especially the heart-Medics began to do me no good.
Listening to Music while drawing was also impossible. It was too much a "return to normal" and that makes me feel guilty. Another painful thing: When I am drawing, I naturally have sort of, well, "pulses of joy" I dunno how to describe it, a sudden stream of happiness that goes trough me. They came today too, and was followed of utter feelings of guilt and dirt, because of feeling good, despite of Gribis Absence.
I am still not able to permit any feeling of Good. I can't and - don't want - to enjoy anything positive, not my art, not music, not JFK, not the slightest little detail that made my days bright.

Follow up:  Neighbor Lady just knocked at our window, telling us, that she will drive us o the Shopping mall in 15 minutes. Okaaaay....No Bus tomorrow.

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Mauser*Girl a dit…

I'm so sorry to hear about your bad luck with the scanner and the car - how awful.

10 years is a good, full life for a scanner - I believe my last scanner lasted about six years before it died. Well, it didn't die. The lid broke. And when I went to Vista, the scanner was no longer supported.

I went to an all-in-one scanner/printer type thing, which was a good buy at the time because my printer broke and my scanner didn't work with Vista. But it is awful for scanning. Very slow. And you have to pull up the scanner interface for each individual scan. So scanning more than one page is a pain.

I finally broke down yesterday and bought a new scanner. It was the cheapest one in the store, under $100, and the same brand as my last one, though a newer model. I had a chance to try it out last night and like it a lot. It's very fast and even gives you the option of creating your own preset settings, so you can set your resolution, color correction, etc. as needed.

I am scanning some old catalogs and magazines to share with others for using as reference/research material for reenacting, and it's going VERY fast with the new scanner. That makes me quite happy.

Wish I had some advice about the car situation - our car broke last year and I was miserable because I thought we would not be able to afford getting credit for a new car. Buying a new car outright was out of the question - our last two military moves were out-of-pocket and neither of us have "good credit" because we are both previously divorced (which affects your credit score) and have one credit card we're paying on. We did get approved for a car loan, though, which allowed us to buy the Jeep.

Maybe you're lucky and can get a car loan? I don't know how this is done in Europe, as I've never bought a car in Europe, but I wish you the best of luck!

Feronia a dit…

Sorry that things are not going so well 'mechanically' for you at the moment, Diana. Hope that energy dissipates soon. I would really try to avoid any sort of credit situation when buying a new car, though.

Weidenfrau a dit…

oh moment läuft es aber sehr "unrund" bei dir..Ich wünsche dir viel Kraft um diese Zeit zu überstehen.!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Weidenfrau: Vielen dank. das selbe gilt für Dich, Du hast es ja im Moment auch nicht leicht.

@Feronia: I really hate the thought of getting involved in a credit, but I have no choice. But let's see if anyway, I get any.

Oh, yes, I don't like these all-in-one decives. a machine may be versatile and scan, print and cook coffee, but to my experience it does none of these things right. As for the car, yes, I apply for a car-loan, but it's more than unsure if I will get some.
Glad that you have now a scanner that works and was affordable. We creative people usually have more than one page at once to scan and cannot work with a machine that has to be pulled up at each new page.