vendredi, février 19, 2010

Some little sparks of hope

This morning, I went down to the Post/Mayor Office. Of course, Post-Employee still isn't there and no replacement was found yet. The Mayor took my letter and stamped it. When I wanted to pay for the stamp, he refused and said that it will be on "his charge"... Hm, wonder if he meant his or the tax-payer's  ;-)
He then said that he was confident that the permission for my window will come to me soon.

Oh yes, I didn't had an occasion to update on this yet:
The day before I left for Basel last time, I finally got the 2 Photos required for the construction request. I brought them down to the Mayor and he filled out the forms all by himself and did the drawing of the window on the photos. I asked if, at least, I should sign the forms and he said that he will do it himself, for it will have more weight then. He assured me that there won't be any problem.
Okay, Our Mayor is a nice guy, but I can't but thinking that Weidenfrau's Reiki Help at least added its part to that. Thanks so much  for that!
Well, permit isn't here yet, but I am confident.

Aside of this, Melting of snow brought me another Friday filled mostly with the noise of the Motorcyclers who really spent the whole day turning around in the street. In the afternoon, I could not go on with my work, my nerves were at their end. This could be such a peaceful village, if it weren't for those assholes.
At least, there's now hope that two-wheeled, motorized vehicles finally will have to pass a regular technical control and have license plates, such as it is normal in nearly every other European Country. Because right now, everybody can anonymously drive the oldest pile of illegal shit on two wheels, without having to fear any persecution.
According to the above linked article, "Teens on motorcycles" make 28% of the total yearly body count on french roads (!!!) Now it is debated, whether a regular technical control can lower that number or not. Well, I don't care a flying fuck about the idiots who get flattened under a truck, but I do hope that such a control will reduce the percentage of motorcycles with illegal, noise-making devices and even discourage motorcycling in general, because it will less fun when you cannot annoy others anonymously. So there's hope. Even if the new laws are only planned only for 2012

Photo above is Pico who slept under a sleeping bag.

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Feronia a dit…

Good luck with cutting through all the 'red tape' for your window, Diana.

Hope something can be done about your motorcyclers - they sound like total jerks.

What is your cat reading?! That looks like a photo of Petain on the cover!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Feronia, This is General Marjoulet on the cover. It is a French war Magazine from 1917. I had tons of them at the attic and sold them at Ebay.

Feronia a dit…

Right. Sorry Diana!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Those old french warriors look all the same anyway.

President Snow a dit…

Haha, your cat is so adorable!! :D

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@President Snow: Thanks. Yes, Pico is our family-clown.