lundi, février 22, 2010

Window approved

Early in the morning, the Mayor came to our house and brought me the construction permit for my window. Yay! This is my idea of a good start into a new week!

This issue, at least, is solved. My fears, probably, were without any rational background. But I am so much used to get kicked in the butt, that I somehow was unable to expect an affair this important for me being processed smoothly.
Today was also the first day with a glimpse of Spring. 12 degrees outside and I could do a little more yard-Work. Yesterday, it was very different, this photo was taken  on the morning hike:

Snow then melted in the afternoon and air got warmer.

I also worked a bit on the JFK Book Europareise, but I am not very happy with it yet. Its defintely more difficult to tell a story with words than in Comic Form. But I will not give up. The picture beyond is an illustration out of this book.

And that is Pico who really should start to on a diet...

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Anonyme a dit…

Ooh, nice view! That tree looks eerie.

Very cool dragon there. Wouldn't wanna see the size of the egg it could lay.

Pico looks so round and puffy, aw!

Gina a dit…

Congratulations on getting your permit for your studio window, Diana! Hopefully you can open by Spring and enjoy the light and birds. I totally agree about how difficult it is to tell a story with words rather than visuals. Yesterday it took me all afternoon to write a blog post and I still think I used too many words! I would rather show than tell; that’s why I decided not be a writer and love art instead. Lovely snow photo with the tree. The griffin/dragon looks very menacing, too—good job!

President Snow a dit…

What a lovely start to a new week!!

Yeah, writing a story with words can be more of a chore, especially to someone who shines in drawing. I'm sure you will do fine though! :)
Love the illustration by the way. Is that creature part chicken?

Aww, chubby cat!

Sefarina a dit…

Toll, dass das mit dem Fenster klappt. ich freu mich dann schon auf ein "Blick aus dem Fenster"-Foto :-)

Geschichten schreiben ist wirklich schwieriger, aber vergiss nicht, dass man noch mehrfach drüberarbeitet, also schreib einfach los, die Form kommt später ;-) Mir hilft dieses Wissen immer beim Schreiben.

Liebe Grüße,

Feronia a dit…

Good news on the window, Diana!

Love the dragon.

Nothing wrong with a cuddly cat :)

Bodecea a dit…

Schön, dass das mit dem Fenster klappt! Und unsere Katzen sind auch fett (3 von 4 zumindest), einen nenne ich immer "die dicke Wurst"...

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@emkennedy: One eg would make a breakfirst for at least sux persons! But since these beasts are getting rare, it is not allowed to collect the eggs.

@Gina: Yes, we all tend to use too many wors i the beginning. The art consists of shorten down the text and still say what you want to say.

@President Snow: The creature is a Basilisk: a Dragon with a Roosters Head, Snake Tails and neck and bat Wings.

@Sefarina: Ganz bestimmt wird es Fotos vom Fenser geben, auch und gerade von der Entstehung.

@Feronia: Yes, I am so happy about the Window.

@Bodecea: Katzen können wirklich stark zulegen, wenn es sein muss. Wobei Pioco gar nicht mal soooo dick ist, er hat nur ein Fâsschen statt bauch und auf dem Foto kugelt er sich so zusammen, dass es schlimmer aussieht als es ist. ;-)
Von meinen vier Katzen sind aber auch nur 2 richtig dick.

Donald a dit…

Glückwunsch für dein Fenster, hat aber auch schon ganz schön lange gedauert :)

Na sag mal, was machst du denn noch alles? N Film, Comics und ein Illustriertes Buch? Da bekomm ich ja n schlechtes Gewissen, dass zur Zeit alle meine Projekte hinten anstehen müssen :D

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Donald, Ne, Comics mache ich keine mehr. Daher also nur Film und Buch.

Donald a dit…

Aber du hast schon einige gemacht ;) darum geht's (Neid)