mardi, mars 23, 2010

Bobby Kennedy

After President Snows Entry about Bobby, I felt like trying to put down some thoughts about John F.'s Brother myself.
It is not easy, because Bobby is an entity that is somehow difficult for me to "get". Hard to put it into words.

I admit that, compared to the importance that Robert Kennedy had in the life of JFK, I portray him very little. He had a short appearance in the JFK Album "Horses o Narragansett", see picture to he right.

He also played a major Role in an online Court Story (in German)
Der Dreierbande-Prozess (I recommend the reading, it raises an interesting, ethical question. For those who aren't familiar with the background, read this first.)

In my case, there are always three aspects on how I approach the Kennedy Clan ; The creative-artistic view, the spiritual and the historical view. These three being closely bound together, with no clear frontiers.

From the artistic view, Bobby is extremely interesting. He is easy to draw (much more than Jack) and provides an excellent character to illustrate John F's deep bond to his family, a bond that isn't that unproblematic, for Jack has been searching to be independent from the clan, finding his own identity, all while he stays deeply connected with his siblings.

Bobby, in the other hand, didn't seem to yearn for more freedom and will stick around John, as much as he can. All while John broke with a lot of the family traditions, Bobby would bear and accept them, even if he isn't happy with it.
Bobby also provides an excellent counterpart to John F': They both have, basically, similar personalities, but live them in totally different ways. Unlike Jack, Bobby can dedicate himself entirely to a cause, even to a point where he goes too far.
Jack has this distant view on the world, a distance that some would interpret as a little bit cold attitude, all while Bobby is plainly involved in all that is going on, in his time and world.

Jack had the habit to tease Bobby on more than one occasion. Bobby didn't return it, as far as I know. He preferred to let it out on younger Brother Edward, when he was too frustrated.
I guess that Bobby loved Jack a little more than Jack loved Bobby, or perhaps more correctly, he depended more on him.
This permanent tension between the brothers, the ever-present atmosphere of an almost incestuous love makes out of Bobby a great asset to the JFK Story Universe. So it is indeed strange that I did not use him more often, yet.

There we come to the second aspect, the spiritual one. In order to get creative with a historical figure, I have to "connect" with him / her, when it is a main character. (Of course, I don't have to connect with people like Johnson who, anyhow, have minor roles).
I had only a very few dreams about Bobby in all these years that I am now involved with JFK.
The dreams I had, were dark and mysterious and raised more questions about Bobby than they answered. So there is some kind of "fear" to translate the figure into stories, for I feel that he is not ready to open himself for me. Sounds strange, I know, I can't explain it otherwise.

The historical aspect at last, doesn't add much to a better understanding. I know the all-known facts of course and the additional rumors, too. As every Kennedy researcher, I learned to separate the  countless Trash and obvious Bullshit out there from the historical halfway proven or at least plausible facts and stories.
Still, there's something "dark" around Bobby. Every time I read about some obscure things in the given timeframe, I can be sure that the name of Robert Kennedy is not far.

I really don't want to throw any dirt on him. Let's just say that he is still a stranger for me (a fascinating stranger).
I know a lot of people who were and are far more attracted by Bobby than by JFK. This is perfectly okay for me. I will probably do more Bobby art in the future and approach myself to him as far as it is possible.

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President Snow a dit…

Ah, okay now I think I understand what you stated on my blog earlier!

At first, I wasn't that into Bobby, or maybe he just seemed so mysterious to me. Ted and Jack came much easier. The more I got myself familiar with all of them though, the closer I felt to Bobby. I can see a lot of both Jack and Bobby in myself with only a bit of Ted. The more time goes on, the more I feel myself being pulled toward Bobby. There will always be that strong bond of Jack that I of course cannot break.

It's funny. In my dreams, Ted usually always appears in his older age and as more of a patriarchal/wisdom figure. Jack is usually a lover, a best friend, or I am him. Bobby, well it seems in the dreams I have with him, no one understands him except me. People seem almost afraid of him, whereas I always interact closely and freely with him. He'll do things, and people will question why or be disgusted, but I will see his true intentions/meaning and appreciate it. It's interesting.

But Bobby certainly is interesting. :)

Feronia a dit…

Bobby is a very interesting character. The effect that Jack's death had on him is so moving - essentially turning him into a more compassionate and socially aware person through his own suffering. I love the Aeschylus quote that is associated with him ("Even in our sleep...) I think he said it when Martin Luther King was shot and it's perhaps on his gravestone too?

Gina a dit…

This is a very thoughtful and provocative article, Diana, and I’m so glad you have included Bobby in the Antique Camelot series. I love these three drawings you have done of Bobby! I have noticed some people who love Jack often hate Bobby and that has always baffled me; I’m glad you don’t. I probably love Bobby a bit more than Jack but also recognize they are so much alike (maybe they shared the same soul?) as well as have very different personalities. Bobby was probably a Highly Sensitive Person, like me, and at first tried to hide that with a tough exterior. That cracked after Dallas and he finally acknowledged his caring, passionate side more. As you know, Bobby also had much better health than his second-oldest brother, was more Irish, and more strictly Catholic (he almost became a priest!). He was Brother Protector to JFK. Throughout the decades, I’ve had many dreams about both Brothers and have connected spiritually with both. For me, I have actual memories of Bobby being alive than I do Jack and that might be another factor. Keep up the great art and the thoughtful pondering.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@ All: Thank you for the feedback.
I doubt that people who claim to love JFK but hate Bobby, have understood the slightest thing about JFK.

I approach the whole subject with an attitude of humility: JFK touched me and I am just grateful for it, accepting whatever he gives to me, and into whatever he allows me some insight.

I will not start to put myself over his life and family and separate "good" from "lesser good" Kennedies, where I am not in the place to judge. This would be demanding and arrogant. I have my opinions and preferences of course, but that is not the same.

I am of course not immune to the deep emotional impact JFK's death had for Bobby and the heart-breaking suffering that resulted and which he wasn't ashame to show. This alone let him be sympathetic in my eyes.

I deeply respect all the feelings and experiences you made with Bobby, be them spiritual, artistic or both.

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