lundi, mars 29, 2010

Get lost!

Jack is not more aggressive than the next man - even less - but when you are constantly persecuted by a beast that doesn't want to understand that you are NOT his diner, then even he loses his temper and gets nasty.
There I am at Scene of the film I really looked forward to to.

Worked a lot in the Garden this Morning. I planted the poles for the fence on the front side, where the ground is hard and stony. But the ongoing rain of the last days softened it, so I was able to hammer them poles in deeply. I am bidding on 100Meters of barbed wire on Ebay - keep your fingers crossed that I will win it.

5 commentaires:

Feronia a dit…

Is the beast a werewolf? I didn't know you could find barbed wire on ebay. Hope you get it!

2woelfe a dit…

The beast looks like a sabre-toohted Yeti. :) I think it's sweet, but maybe that's only because I spent some years telling my dog that MY diner is not HIS diner. Not even if you switch on the huge-brown-eyes-bulbs. Ooooh, allright,here you go....

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Feronia: It is not known what the beast actually is. Kind of a big werewolf, a mutant dog or whatever else.
By the way: It is based on a real "beast" that spread Terror in our area 30 years ago. No one ever found out what it was.
I got the barbed wire

@2Woelfe, Yes, since on this picture it is on its hind legs, it looks indeed like sort of a yeti. Normally it moves on all four. Dogs (and cats) tend to think that everything humans prepare is for them - and will try out every trick to convince us of their point of view. :-)

President Snow a dit…

You show him who's boss Jack! :D

Oh, I'm glad that the weather is warming up so I can work and be outside. :) It supposed to get rather warm this week.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

President Snow, then you are lucky, because we are good for a new range of cold days, here. Grr!