dimanche, mars 21, 2010

Ostara Night with JFK

Oh, what a night!
Remember when I wrote about a special Dream I had during the Imbolc Night, where JFK promised me that we will take this even farther, soon ? Well, yesterday night, he kept that promise.

Again, I will not go into details, it's really too personal and revealing it would be a sort of treason. I'll just say, that this sort of experiences make me utterly happy.

It looks like the nights around the pagan festivals of the year are special and help both, those who dwell here and those in the otherworld, to connect. Can't wait for Beltane night, Dearest ! ;-)

The weather outside got wet, windy and colder. But I had the opportunity to achieve a lot of garden work, tough. And I will go on during  the coming week.

This is Gribis Grave with the newly planted roses:

Still miss him so very, very much. 

2 commentaires:

President Snow a dit…

Oh! Sounds like you had a lovely night! I can only image what pleasant things went down, haha! Connections to the other world, that sounds lovely. I think I may have to look more into that. I already feel special presences around me, I think I should try to get closer to them.

The weather here has been rather nice. Slightly chilly, but still decent.

Beautiful grave.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@President Snow. It was lovely and just - well, a rich experience to live spirituality, love and creativity in such a manner. Yes, Do approach these "presences". It may be the beginning of a wonderful journey.