samedi, mars 20, 2010

Project52-11 Coffee Time

Did you notice that, whenever some male orders a coffee in a movie, he always insists it may be "black" without sugar or milk?   Sometimes he even says "real black please", or " blacker than black".
A typical, silly pose of those wannabe-Machos, who desperately try to appear "tough".

The refined  Gentlemen, of course, drinks TEA. And if he takes a coffee, then it will be with enough cream and sugar to make that shit somehow tasty.
I won my first Elections for state-representative by holding Tea-Parties.
Nixon probably drank a lot of Coffee, that's why he lost. No one really likes excessive Coffee Drinkers. There's always an atmosphere of stress surrounding them. No one likes stressed Presidents, especially in Cold War times.

Diana drinks one coffee in the morning. Well, I  am not sure if I should call this obscure powder she puts into her mug, in order to create some instant "Cappuccino",  a coffee. I watch very carefully over her nutrition habits and I can't say I approve the use of overly processed products that barely reveal their original composition.
But since it is only one cup a day, I let her get away with it. No use to be too severe. I try to educate her by inviting her to consume the good things, not by prohibiting the bad ones. That was always my philosophy, in all matters.

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President Snow a dit…

I can't STAND coffee. I get those "cappuccinos" once in a while, but i PREFER tea. :)

It's good you're keeping an eye on her diet. Gotta help her remember, the more natural and closer it is to how it came from nature, the better!

Geier a dit…

Tee trinke ich nur wenn ich erkältet bin, ohne Kaffe am Morgen bin ich völlig unleidig. Ich nehme einen gehäuften Löffel Kaffeepulver pro Tasse bw zwei pro Becher. Morgens mit Zucker tagsüber Schwarz.

Weidenfrau a dit…
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Weidenfrau a dit…

No life before coffee...Much coffee.

Ich gebs zu: ich bin süchtig...

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@President Snow: Will you and Jack stop bitching about my morning Cappuccino ?! ;-))

@Geier: Also am Morgen muss es schon ein Kaffee sein, das stimmt. Sonst hat der Tag einen Fehlstart.

@Weidenfrau: Ich glaube, das sind viele ;-)

OckGal a dit…

I don't know how people can drink coffee with nothing in it! I had it with just sugar and it was horrible.

Tea is good. My gram drinks it without anything in it. I don't know how!

I'm picturing lil' Jack with coffe grounds all over him now, hahaha!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Ockgal: Actually, The thought on how people can like black coffee is beyond me, too. But anybody according to his / her taste.

I think that a lot of people just think that Tea is boring. One have to be introduced to the rich world of different Teas.

OckGal a dit…

I don't think they taste much different. We always make instant though, so maybe that's why. Tea seems a little more sweet or something. I think a lot of guys think tea isn't manly enough to bother with, which is silly. I'll take a frozen-style coffee over all others, though! Yum! (I'm talking about the slushy/shake kind, not just cold iced coffee.)

Sefarina a dit…

Ich gestehe, wenn ich mal Kaffe trinke dann rabenschwarz aber dafür mit Zimt, Kardamom und manchmal sogar einem Schuss Rosenwasser ^^ Das macht ihn viel bekömmlicher und rundet das Aroma ab.
Eigentlich bin ich aber mehr von der Schokoladenfraktion, mit Muskat und Chili ;-)

Zu einem guten Kräutertee sage ich aber auch nicht nein...

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefaraina, Hm, ja Schokolade liebe ich auch und den heissen kakau versuche ich sogar täglich in die Diät einzubauen.

Du hast natürlich aufgrund Deiner enormen Spezialisierung mit Krâutern Gewürzen usw auch einen exklusiven Geschmack entwickelt...Kaffee mit Zimt (warum nicht!)