lundi, mars 08, 2010

Project52-9 On an Axe

Theme of issue 9 of Project 52 was "Auf Achse".
Poor Diana didn't really know how to translate that. Fortunately, I was there to help. Since my famed speech in Berlin, everybody knows that I am perfectly bilingual English-German!  Therefore, I knew that "Auf Achse" means: "on an Axe".

Well, I admit that it is a rather odd premise. But okay, I was ready to play the game and sat on the top of our house-axe. Yes, that legendary thing Diana cut the 10 stères with.

I really don't know what to say more about it. It's an axe. Sitting on it is not very comfortable. I prefer my rocking chair. Hopefully next week's theme will make a bit more sense.

5 commentaires:

President Snow a dit…

Aww, poor Jack! I don't imagine axes are comfy to sit on. At least he helped with translation!! :D

caroona a dit…

Hehehe, abgefahren... Mal eine ganz andere Interpretation :o)

Weidenfrau a dit…

hihi...sehr schön.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@President Snow: Yes, jack is so kind he does everything to help out!

@Caroona: Zum eigentlichen Thema ist mir nun mal so von nichts eingefallen.

@Weidenfrau: Danke!

WirrLicht a dit…