mardi, mars 30, 2010


Ha, I got the barbed Wire on Ebay!
Sounds weird to find this kind of stuff on an online auction platform, but I had no choice. Since I have no car at the moment and Garden-Shops are miles away, I had to find a way to get some wire by  another way than just driving to the next Garden Center and pick up some.
My first search on Ebay didn't yield anything, but I saved the search. For a couple of weeks, only results about War-Books were mailed to me. But a few days ago, someone really sold "100 Meters of Barbed Wire", for only 9 Euros. Even with the shipping which made 16 Euros it's far cheaper than what you would pay on a regular shop - where 100 Meters are about 50 - 60 Euros.

I guess the idea of buying barbed wire on Ebay is so odd that nobody else had it and therefore,  I was the only bidder. Having the stuff shipped to me solves a big headache. Now, all I have to get is three additional extra strong poles for the fence corner and the entry. Will buy them in Basel.

I worked a lot in the garden and it starts to look good. The red fruit bushes are about to grow their leaves and the strawberry plants are bigger each day. So sad that a new cold is announced for the next days. Hope my little Spring Flowers at the house wall will not perish. On the photo below, you can also see the little Forsythia in her first Blossom.

6 commentaires:

Feronia a dit…

The Forsythia looks lovely! Glad you got the barbed wire.

Weidenfrau a dit…

nun ja, warum denn nicht auch auf ebay nach sowas abwegig finde ich das nun nicht..

President Snow a dit…

Yay! You got the wire! I had never heard of such a thing bring sold on eBay, but I guess anything is possible!

Aww, I hope the pretty flowers can make it through the cold coming up.

2woelfe a dit…

Glückwunsch zum Ebaygewinn! Und: Auf meinem Blog liegt ein Award für Dich.

Weidenfrau a dit…

und wie geht es den Blümchen bisher? meinst du sie schaffen es?

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Feronia, Thanks! Will pass the compliment to the Forsythia

@Weidenfrau: Abwegig ist uim Grunde gar nichts, man kann auf ebay echt so gut wie fast alles bekommen, vieles ist aber ungewöhnlich. Ja, die Blümchen stehen noch, obwohl es gestern Nacht Minus ein Grad wurde.

@President Snow:
I also hope they will made it, at least now, they still look good.

@2Woelfe Danke!